Monday, April 11, 2016

Toddler Talk - Chapter IV

I'm back today you update ya'll on Toddler Talk! To see how far we've come, you can check out

These days, Toddler Talk is all about stories these days. Gone are the days of single words and funny phrases. We've got a full blown talker on our hand and it's so cute. I could listen to his sweet voice almost all the time. And let's be honest ... I do. This kid is a TALKER. However, occasionally mixed in with these crazy stories are funny words or wrong ways to say things and those are my highlights today. 

So, here are some of our current favorites:

Bennett 2.75 year old Toddler Talk
  1. Goody Good [adj.]
    • meaning: Really Good
    • Example
      • When he's describing something that's either great or not so great instead of "wow that's really good" Bennett says, "wow that's goody good"
  2. Grill [n.]
    • meaning: Girl
    • Example
      • Shane brushes Bennett's teeth nearly every night, and during brushing Shane started telling him a story to divert attention. He began telling him a story about two boys ... one boy brushed his teeth and the other didn't. Naturally, the little boy that didn't brush his teeth turned yellow and ugly and the boy that did was successful. And at the end of the story Shane always says "and the little boy that brushed his teeth GOT THE GIRL".
      • This story has evolved into several things and Bennett now chooses what the boys are. I.e. they are alligators or dinosaurs or brooms, etc. And there is always one that brushes and one that does not. And at the end of the story Shane says, "and ya know what buddy?"
      • Bennett's auto response "and the <insert thing here> got the GRILL!
      • It melts my heart in some weird way :)
  3. What's That Called?
    • meaning: "What does that mean?"
    • Example: 
      • If we're explaining where we're going, or what we're eating, or how something works and he doesn't understand or wants to know more. His auto response is "oh, and what's that called?"
      • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but either way it's downright adorable. 
  4. Kerny-Korn
    • We have no idea what this means. But when B gets on a roll and starts talking or telling silly stories he begins to make up words. "Cheetah-bah" "chippy-chirp" "choo-ee-eh-oh" and "kerny-korn" are things we often hear and laugh about. I love this age (sometimes).
  5. Heaven Inside
    • meaning: Hidden inside
    • Example:
      • Bennett's class has learned an adorable little poem at school about Bees. It goes like this:
      • Here is the beehive, but where are the bees. Heaven <hidden> inside where nobody sees. Watch and you'll see them coming out of the hive. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Bzzzzzzz! 

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