Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stitch Fix ~ Number 2

Hey gang! I'm back today with another Stitch Fix Reveal. My first fix came last month and I was excited to give it another go this time around. Here's the goodies that were neatly packaged for me this time.

  • #1 ~ These cute Dolce Vita booties (returned)
    • I really just couldn't decide if I loved or hated the slip on. And finally decided, while I thought they were super cute I couldn't love them, so they had to go back. 

  •  #2 ~ These black leggings (returned)
    • While cute and great quality, something this momma does not need another pair of, leggings. Byyyye.

  •  #3 ~ This purple fringe top (kept!)
    • This one I loved! It would be something in a store I would look at, pick up and then put back down because I couldn't decide. But when it's shipped to my door it's a keeper. Plus I love how simple it is while having a little bit of pizazz. 

  •  #4 ~ This adorable speckled top (kept!)
    • It's flow, flirty, all things spring and can be dressed up or down. Yep it's in the closet and already been worn twice. 

  •  #5 ~ This speckled hi-low dress (returned)
    • This one was super cute too. But I just don't need a dress right now, so it got returned. 

I think there is still room for improvement, but from what I'm hearing that's pretty normal. The more fixes you get, the more they familiarize themselves with your style. Excited to check in next month with more goodies!

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  1. Love both the tops you kept - especially that flowy one. Perfect for spring!


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