Friday, April 21, 2017

Disney ... Dumbo on Day 1

Guys it's been a week. The kiddos have some weird thing going on, I'm exhausted, Hubs is gone - AGAIN, the basement flooded at the new house, AGAIN, and just general blah blah blah. BUT~ in the midst of all of that ... Disney recap is finally here. YAYYYYY!

Whew, this post took me way longer to get all together than I thought, but I legit had 1065165405646546513215684354 pictures to sort through. (ProTip: Delete the bad ones as you go, and most definitely bring a portable phone battery backup for your trip - holy photo op). And without further adieu I bring to you ... drum roll please ... DISNEY WORLD 2017!!!

We booked the only nonstop flight to Orlando out of Louisville, KY EARRRLY Tuesday morning. We boarded the plane around 5:45 so that meant we had to be out the door well before that. But we didn't let that keep us from smiling. We were so excited and didn't even recognize we were tired! HA!
Because of all of my health issues last year, we postponed flying for a solid year to allow my leg and the swelling to return to normal. I had crossed into crazy town last February and took the kids to the Bahamas - SOLO - but that was the last big trip before the diagnosis and therefore Shane had never flown with both kiddos. Which was totally crazy to us when we started talking about it, because we flew SO often with Bennett as a little tyke that we couldn't believe we hadn't both flown with Lainey yet. Her first flight with daddy though, coupled with a trip to Disney will certainly be one we won't soon forget :)

 We landed around 8:30 am and hopped aboard the Magical Express to make the trek to the Grand Floridian!

 Our rooms weren't quite ready when we arrived, so we hit up the hotel restaurant for a little Mickey pancake breakfast, because is there really any other way to kick off the week?
Then we strolled around the hotel, took in all the shops, made use of our club level snacks and talked about all the fun we were about to have. I caught these two holding hands in the stroller (melt me) and had to sneak a pic. (I'll do a tips and tricks post later, but we rented a stroller so we didn't have to deal with the hassle of traveling with one. Kingdom Strollers was our choice and it was GREAT!)
 Big brother's early morning finally caught up with him and he took a little stroller snooze while Lainey Bug watched some Disney JR. and had some snacks while they finished up our rooms.

 We checked into our rooms, regrouped and hit the ground running.
 First up, the hotel gift shop right on the monorail to get us some Mickey Ears, because duh, first Disney Trip!
 "I can't believe it!" - Bennett (he was so excited).
 After we tried on nearly every hat in the store, Bennett had his heart set on the sweet Dumbo hat and off we went to the Magic Kingdom. Sidenote: Bennett LOVED his hat and truthfully wore it all week. Made me smile so big.
 Aboard the monorail the early morning finally caught up to little Lou too and another stroller snooze was in order.
 I'll spare you the details of this picture, but let's just say our arrival was not as magical as we imagined (the first time around) a little rain, a little monorail confusion, a little bit of people moving too slowly (hi, I'm impatient) and a lot of laughter between me and this guy ... but it was about 20 unexpected minutes we got to spend together while PaPaw and GoGo held down the sleeping baby and overly excited three year old fort while we snagged some ponchos. Ha! Love that man next to me.
 Once we returned from the 20 magical minutes away (sarcasm) the sun had come out and everything we stressed to do was no longer needed ... Oh vey ... but we put those Magic Bands to use ... and this picture right here unknowingly got us one extra day in the park at the end of the week - WIN! (if you're still with me come post 3 this will make more sense).
 Alas, we've arrived. And yes, I cried (happy tears of course) #WorthIt!
 This guy right here, and my mama, we owe a HUGE thank you to for treating us to such a magical weekend away. They're the real deal ya'll.

Lainey woke up just in time for a quick cookie and time to meet Merida, from Brave. The kiddos had their autograph books and were on it buddy. Bennett surprised us all before we even left for Disney telling us this was his favorite Princess ( I didn't even know he'd seen the movie) but I think some of his new friends from school must have talked about it - because he knew ALLLL about it. And was PUMPED.

 After we met Merida, we headed back to Main Street for a Dance Party Parade (could that be more perfect for our family, Dance parties happen regularly in our kitchen promptly when Daddy arrives home every day).

 And of course Mickey balloons were in order as well.

 The kids LOVED the parade, and right when it ended we had a Character dinner scheduled at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eyore and Tiger! And we arrived just in time for the kiddie parade!
 And we learned Lainey prefers a little mystery from her characters -- she's more of a mirage fan ... from far away it's beautiful and awesome, but get too close and it's a big scary mess. HA!

 Bennett on the other hand, couldn't get enough. The more characters the merrier!

 After dinner we made our way to the ride Bennett had been talking about and watching on YouTube for an entire week ~~ DUMBO!!!!!!!!!! We used our fast pass and headed straight for our very own amazing flying elephant.

 And bless his sweet heart, it was everything he imagined and more. I will never ever forget his face. He simply could not have loved it more. And yes, I cried, again.
 And then we made our way for the final time that day in front of the castle. We snuggled in with our popcorn and beverages and waited to watch the fireworks show, Wishes.

 And when the music began, and Tinkerbell flew from the castle window on a zipline, the fireworks started, my baby squealed with excitement, my little mister looked at his daddy and said he was having the best time of his life, I squeezed my parents, cried happy tears one again (sigh) and thought to myself ... this really is the most magical place on earth ... and I'm one lucky gal to get to celebrate another year of life with my people!
It was the best day ... until we did it again, the next day and that was the best day. But I'll tell you more about that in party two.
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