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RM: Wait, The SuperBowl is about Football?

Well my friends, it's Recipe Monday - and I promise in this long winded post to share some recipes - just be patient.  So, unless you are living under a rock - you probably are aware this weekend is host to the biggest annual sporting event by the National Football League in the continental US ~ SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! 

{Alright ladies, if football isn't your forte -I'll help you out with the key points}
      • National Football League = NFL
      • This year's game = played in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome
      • San Francisco 49ers (red/maroon) vs  Baltimore Ravens (black, purple and gold)
      • The 2 head coaches of the opposing teams are brothers - and therefore it's a big story

Super Bowl is really the one time of year all of us ladies actually get excited that the entire day revolves around football and every TV in the house is screening the highly anticipated kick-off, the big play touchdown and the ridiculous ref who actually thought that was intentional grounding and there wasn't pass interference on the play - I MEAN DOES THE ZEBRA EVEN HAVE EYES?! Because I'd be happy to buy him a pair of GLASSES (since the previous 8 million dollar commercial informed me it's BOGO time at Mr. Bizer's World! ---- Errrrr, scratch that...

Alright, time to be honest boys.  Yes, we're southern women (or northern -- just referring to the gals that will be in attendance with me), yes we love our football, and truth be told we actually DO know whether or not that was a bad call.  BUT - when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday - there are far too many other things we are interested in, to be solely focused on that game.  And the fact that we get to have a party in honor of them, and our men don't complain about going - WELL - color your ladies happy!

Aside from watching sweaty millionaire men in tight football pants prance around playing one of the manliest games alive (I say one because, have you seen those Aussie rugby players?! WHEW!) there is so much more to Super Bowl Sunday!  Let's talk about some of my faves shall we?

  • Friends
    • We get to spend an entire Sunday with our best friends standing around a table of delicious food while we talk and catch up on the latest news. Uhmmm is there anything better? No. No there is not. Plus - sometimes we get lucky enough and happen to be hanging at a home where there are numerous leather jackets and mullet wigs, and we get fun little keepsake photos like this :0) 

  • Games

    • At our annual party we always have games.  If you've followed my blog and are starting to understand some of my family dynamics you probably realize that competition is a big part of my genetic make-up therefore a party without some sort of game and/or competition does not exist to me.  We like to play the betting squares and scores game.  If you're hosting a party this year an need to spice it up - this is fun and not complicated, this includes instructions too - we just make ours on a big poster board and have everyone sign up as they arrive..

  • The National Anthem

    • After Whitney Houston's ground breaking performance (which I recently found out, thanks to Beyonce's pre-corded Inauguration anthem, was not live - BOOO!) and Christina Aguleira's word flub of a performance last year; this has become an enticing part of the show.  This year Alicia Key's will be singing the National Anthem and has stated she will not perform the song traditionally and instead will perform it as if it were a brand new song!  So, if this is not normally one of your favorite parts - I suggest arriving to your party on time - because I doubt it will be a performance you'll want to miss!

  • Half-Time Show

    • A-hem, do I need to mention the Janet Jackson/JT boob scandal "wardrobe-malfunction"?  Or can we all agree to disagree that ever since this moment, we vow to never miss another SuperBowl half-time show, regardless of who is performing?! I digress...  Not to mention this year we have Mrs. Beyonce Knowles on stage y'all!!  And collaborating in a bound to be show-stopping performance, we expect to see appearances by a reunited Destiny's Child (sayy whaaaa) and her hubby Jay-Z.  Wooot!

  • Commercials

    • SuperBowl commercials are the BEST.  I always love to see what the advertisers come up with.  And knowing they spent nearly 4-8 million dollars for :30-:60 spots COMPLETELY blows my mind.  I'm really digging Doritos stance on marketing and letting their customers really speak for the brand. Whatever marketing guru came up with this is brilliant.  If you're not up to speed on what I'm talking about, Doritos let's their customers create a commercial and then they send people to their Facebook page to vote for their favorite. Whichever commercial is chosen is the one that will air during the SuperBowl.  Voting for your favorite is open through January 29th - click here - I voted for the little girl and the dog - too cute. 

  • Celebrating/Cheering

    • Major sporting events are always a time to put on your best gear, hoot and holler like a crazy person. It's also a time to sit back and watch everyone else do this - which is just as much, if not more fun, than participating yourself.  And if your team pulls it out - I suggest stealing one of these poses to celebrate :0)

  • THE FOOD - {Seeeeeee I told you I'd get to recipes :0) ...}

    • Clearly, I've saved the best for last. Arguably one of THE BEST things about the SuperBowl.  The plethora of never ending, deliciously concocted, and beautifully arranged foods.  If I had it my way, every meal would be designed in tailgate/buffet style snacky fashion, but alas they are not.  So, I get extra excited for events in which it is MORE than acceptable, and often encouraged, to go after that cheese based dip for a FIFTH time. Of course there are always the staples: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Veggies (so something) and ranch, Queso, Laura's homemade White Castle Cheeseburgers and desserts, amongst the other bazillion delicious apps the gals bring. 
    • But this year, since it's the first Super Bowl party in the new house, I'm thinking I need to kick up a notch and try some new recipes.  Here's some website I've been scouring to come up with my top contenders:
      1. Top 20 Game Day Recipes
      2. 10 Super Dips for Bowl Games
      3. 25 Must See Appetizers
So, word to the wise fellas, if you're eager to watch the big game - but your lady friend isn't quite up for another Football Sunday.  I recommend finding a party to attend.  Mention these highlights and the fact that the SuperBowl is INDEED about much more than just chasing after a ball - and you're all set!  Have fun Sunday!

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