Friday, August 23, 2013

Priceless Pint-sized Portraits

Remember our discussion about my patience?  Well, waiting for Bennett's newborn photos has seemed like an ETERNITY ... but now that they are finally here they were well worth the wait.  I mean ... SERIOUSLY.

Penny and I scoured the Internet well before Bennett arrived to find our must have photographer.  I'm a huge fan of wrapping the baby up and putting them in adorable little poses.  And if you've ever been in my home you know Shane and I really go for that rustic/vintage/chic/cottage mix (I wasn't entirely sure how to describe our style?), so I knew I wanted to incorporate earthy/organic fabrics into his shoot so they'd look great as wall decor. (Yes, I realize how absolutely nutty I sound for the fact that this was a legitimate thought while choosing newborn pics).  Nevertheless, we loved Shelby's work on her website.  The Shelby Bradshaw Photography Facebook page is now one of my favorites to stalk, and her personality ultimately won us over.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in Kentuckiana.

All of the studio shots took place on July 10th (12 days old) and outdoor sunset pics took place on July 12th (14 days old).  Bennett slept like a champ and was a total baby model.  He must get that from his daddy's Alix Adams and Cosmo appearances as a young'n ... yes, this is a real thing ... I've got the pictures to prove it people.  

It probably didn't hurt that our photographer is a baby whisperer either :0).  She was AWESOME and it was so cool to be in the studio and see all of the behind the scenes action.  I feel like all of the professional pictures I've ever been a part of, I've been behind the camera in one way or another.  Engagement pictures, bridal pictures, bridesmaid pictures, wedding pictures, etc.  I'm always being told what to do ... but to just simply be watching a photo shoot and help with props and what not was SO MUCH fun. Is there a job where this is all you do all day? If so, I may consider a career change ...

We only had a few mild casualties. Bennett pooped on me in the family shots (hence why it's cropped), he peed on Shelby a couple of times (Bennett, you owe her an apology when you get older), and poor Shane almost had a heat stroke while we were trying to achieve a special shot (unfortunately it never worked out), but other than that we came away unscathed...hehehe!  Most of the shots Shelby put together: the mix of blanket colors, baskets and what not.  But we also brought along a few of our must have trinkets that we wanted to include in the pictures. All in all, it was just a really fun day.  

Alright, I'll stop blabbering ... here are some of our favorite shots. Clearly I'm drowning in my own bias, but I think he's just the most precious little nugget I ever did see. He's just so cool ;)  I can't share them all because we're saving some for his birth announcements and some family gifts ... but here's a good sampling!

You were fantastic Shelby. We'll forever cherish our little bambino's first shots!


  1. That last picture is amazing! Such a beautiful family :-)

    1. Thank you love! I'm so happy with how they turned out!

  2. Which final image is actually incredible! This type of stunning loved ones.

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