Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bennett: 2 Months

Alrighty!  So to recap, we started with the birth story, then shared your 1 month antics and now we're onto 2 months. That's 8 weeks or 56 days. However you choose to look at it. Bennett has been with us long enough to get into our groove and we're loving every moment of being parents to the lil' guy.

Okay Mister Bennett, here's the scoop.

How big are you?

  • At your last appointment on August 6th you were nearly 6 weeks old. 
    • Height: 22.5 inches (70th percentile)
    • Weight: 9lbs 10.5oz (30th percentile)
    • Head: 38.5 inches (50th percentile)
  • At your pediatric urologist (I'll share this story with everyone later ... it's still developing and has been since our 20 week UltraSound ... so when we're ready we'll share) appointment 2 weeks later at nearly 8 weeks old you'd already grown!
    • Height: 23 inches 
    • Weight: 10lbs 8.6oz 
  • Still Long and lean :)

What's your temperament?

  • Still exuberating all sorts of personality, and starting to become a bit more finicky about your likes and dislikes.
  • Always love to be held and being swaddled is sometimes the perfect cure to calming you down
  • Your continual "awahh, wahh" noise and newborn cry is now for the most part gone :( bummer too because that was one of my favorites. But you've replaced it with another and the saddest little sad face I have ever seen. Your bottom lip ... oh man you're cute. 
  • Continuing to find your voice. Your coos and gurgles have gotten louder and you seem to be communicating with us more and more.
  • You're also coming into your own on a schedule. Things are much more routine now than before and buddy if you do not get you nap or food when you are supposed to, you surely let us know.
  • You've started smiling and it is enough to make my heart melt over and over. I think I can almost remember the first time you did it. It was around 5 weeks, I pinched your little cheeks and you SMIIIIILED at me, that gummy goodness for oh so long. After that you were all smiles all the time, and your daddy and I can't get enough!

How much are you eating?

  • You've bumped up your feeding amount to 3.5-5 oz (about every 3 hours) 
  • Your latest Bennettism is the 1oz freak out. We burp you after every ounce because you have the tendency to be a spitty baby, and this seems to help. However, at your 1oz burp you are NOT a happy camper. Your daddy and I refer to it as the First Ounce Freak Out. Whenever will you learn we promise to give the bottle back, we're just trying to help?! :)

What are you sporting?

  • You've graduated to number 1 diapers, we're still Pampers people and they seem to keep you extra happy. Still a big fan of that blue line that let's us know if you're wet or not.
  • You've been taking the soothie paci since we left the hospital, but we're starting to see you transition to the Avent paci's -- so picky :)
  • You're now in mostly 0-3 month or 3 month attire. Some of it is a little baggy, but you can barely do any newborn fits anymore.

How are you sleeping?

  • Your naps are starting to become more sporadic, and seem to be more cat naps than actual sleep sessions now-a-days
    • Your best and longest nap is after your morning feeding - we can usually get at least an hour, sometimes 2 out of you.
    • Before this nap is also one of our favorite times with you. Right before daddy goes to work and after you've had your morning bottle you are the SWEETEST little munchkin in all the land.
  • Big steps this month on the night time sleeping
    • Your sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! Consistently, I might add.
      • About 11-12pm to 7am
    • And you're now in your very own room, in your fancy crib!
    • You're still wearing a Velcro swaddle-me at nighttime

Bennett Likes and Dislikes:

  • Likes:
    • Tummy time 
    • Your jungle gym
    • Baby Einstein YouTube videos
    • BATH TIME.  You LOVVVEE bath time.
    • The songs "You are so beautiful to me" and "You are my sunshine" -- you always giggle and smile - COMPLETELY ADORABLE ... and plenty of home videos to prove it later in life :)
  • Dislikes:
    • Being burped - "the first ounce freak out"
      • you are NOT a good burper. Your neck is too strong for your own good and you're super pissed feeding time is being interrupted :)
    • Shots.  Regardless of how good they are for you, they're stupid and they make both you and your mommy cry.
    • Stoplights and traffic ... you want the car moving ... at all times

Fun moments, favorite notes, Bennett quirks & Milestones:
  • You met all of your great grandparents on mommy's side of the family
    Grandma's Mom: Grandma Elaine

    PaPaw's Mom: Grandma Martha / Motsy

    PaPaw's Stepmom: Grandma Reda

  • You went to your first MLB game -- The Cincinnati Reds vs The St. Louis Cardinals
  • You had your first overnight babysitting adventure with Sissy
  • Capturing your smiles via camera is still a personal challenge of mine and I get wayyy too excited when I get a good one - here's my favorite this month
  • You had your first playdate with your best buddy Brooks ... you can follow some of his great stories on his mommy's blog here
  • You attended your first birthday party (your cousin Emmie turned 5)

    Yep, you're awesome. Love, mom.


  1. You're lucky we do not live close. I would steal him... or I guess I can be patient for my own coming soon. STILL. ;)

    1. hehehe...I can't wait to meet his new bestie :)


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