Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Simple Summer

Mommyhood has introduced me to an entirely new meaning of finding the appreciation for the "Au naturale" look.  Between finding ways to make spit up look as though they are a part of your shirt pattern and styling your unwashed ponytail to make it appear you're "put together"; I've had to get crafty with my purchases so strangers don't see me in public and put change in Bennett's bottle.

Luckily, I've found some great items that help ... or well, they make me feel a little better :)  Here are my current favorite staples that I'm frequently sporting.

This is a must on certain days. It fits my head perfectly without being too bulky and comes in plenty of additional colors. I sport team Grey.

The perfect amount of shine and color to make you look extra natural and still feel pretties :)

I'm loving this style and also purchased a few more. I look like I just frequented the gym, so I'm forgiven on the rest of my appearance and it's got a built in bra so that's one less thing I have to worry about ... SCORE

No big news here. Just a simple and cheap maxi that works SUPER easy for daytime and makes me look like I have it together. And I can add a necklace at night time and again, LOOK like I have it together. Plus, the way it fits ain't too shabby because it helps to flatter my still a bit doughy post-baby belly.

So there ya have it. My simple summer must haves.

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