Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life Lately

Aahhh, life lately...beautiful average ole life and lots of it! We're rolling right on through summer and gasping at how quickly it has gone. We're making sure we make the most out of every day and catching up on all things. 

The lake is our happy place and unfortunately this summer we haven't been able to take advantage of it like we normally do. Bahumbug! Our annual family lake trip was a few weekends ago, and I was so bummed I couldn't participate this year because of health stuff. Shane had a work function Friday night and I was sitting home alone with the kids, so I piled them in the car and drove to the cabin. It wasn't our normal lake weekend of boating and sunshine, but we made sure to get some cousin snuggles, Candyland competitions, a good meal and lots of "grill" aka girl time! Even if it's just a few unplanned hours and a yummy dinner it's always good to feel love and hugs from family. 

Lots of girl talk I tell ya!!!! Lainey has so much to learn from her cousins sisters!

Missing a few, but these are my peoples! 

In other summer news, we've been catching up on our doctors visits! All is well, just scheduling everything before back to school chaos begins. Well visits, dentist check ups, kidney check ups, dermatologists, etc.

I've had a few day dates with this little mini me. She's getting so big so fast. And I just love her so!

 And speaking of playing, I'm noticing big brother taking a bigger interest in baby sis and it's warming my heart. She's sitting up and playing with toys and they're truly playing together. It's the sweetest! 
Snapchat filters have also been a great addition to our "what are we going to do to combat the heat" conversations. We play with these a lot while we discuss our lists of what we're going to do. 

And this past weekend we went through all of our "junk", put it in the yard and sold it! I still have a ton of kids clothes to figure out what I'm going to do with, but we did pretty well and I'm gonna call it a win! 

And last but certainly not least, we found a box of Maggie items that got hidden away in the move. So we're back to dressing her up in ridiculousness. Yay for tiny dogs in human attire. Never ever will I not laugh.

And that's life lately folks! Gearing up for another big weekend of summer fun! While simultaneously trying not to melt! 

*Katie Marie

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