Friday, July 8, 2016

Lainey Lou ~ Month 8

She's 8 months old. She's 8 months old. She's 8 months old. Maybe if I write it a few more times it'll help me grasp the understanding that yes, she really is 8 months old? She's 8 months old. Nope, still doesn't help. But regardless of if I can comprehend or not ... she's 8 months old (7.1.16).

Lainey Lou ~ Months 6 and 7

It was a big month little miss! And next month is going to have some fun updates too I can already tell. Your spunkiness shines more and more everyday.

You're rolling everywhere, and mixing it with getting up on all fours and rocking!  I'm going to give you one more week until you're crawling.

 You are still drooling non stop but still no teefers!

You are the sweetest child ever, but when you want something you let us know. Your temper is short. But it's still pretty cute. You have so much spunk.
And your blue eyes. Holy moly. They are beautiful.

And per usual these sweeties crashed the photo shoot and watched from afar.
And once Lainey caught a glimpse of them there was no hope in returning to get any close ups of her. Because when Bennett and Maggie enter the room Lainey wants nothing to do with anyone other than the two of them. These three make my world go round. Every daggone day.
Here's what else is happening in your world lady ...

How Big Are You?

No official updates on your growth chart. You'll have your 9 month check up next month and we'll know more on your stats. As of now your 6 month well visit was 5.3.16 -
  • Weight: 16 pounds 3 oz ~ 55%
  • Height: 27.25 inches ~ 95%
  • Head: 17.25 ~ 90%
What's Your Temperament?

You are the happiest nugget. You want to be talked to and paid attention to, and constantly fed. But as long as those requirements are met you are 100% satisfied. You still, have yet to meet a stranger and smile at just about everyone. You will let just about anyone hold you too. You love being the center of attention and make sure to include yourself in conversations :)

What Are You Eating?
You're eating 2-3 bottles a day (always a morning and nighttime bottle and an occasionally midday bottle) and 3 meals a day plus snacks. You LOVE to eat. Love love it.

Food schedule is currently:
  • You eat an 8oz bottle when you wake up in the morning
  • breakfast - usually a scrambled egg or banana/peanut butter/yogurt mash up 
  • lunch - two squeezie pouches or whatever mama is eating/small fruits
  • a midday bottle or snack (yogurt, soft snack bar, puffs, etc)
  • table food or 1-2 pouches of food for dinner, 
  • and then you have a nighttime bottle before bed and sometimes only eat a couple of ounces before snoozing off to dreamland
What Are you Sporting?

You've graduated to #3 diapers and still Pamper's people. We also had to start adding in baby dry diapers for nighttime because you were soaking through your diaper and your clothes and sleep sack mid-way through the night. Those have kept things much better!

You're in all 9 month clothes and even some 12 month items. You still rarely wear shoes, but have started sporting some baby mocs.  And this month you officially started wearing your first pony! Melt my heart, adorable!

How Are You Sleeping?

You're a great sleeper and beyond ready for bed at night. Our only frustration with you is you are an EARLY riser. Occasionally you'll let us snooze until 6-7 am, but for the most part you're up before 6 o'clock. Happy as can be and eager to start the day!

You're wearing a sleep slack at night and you are a belly sleeper through and through. We lay you down on your back in hopes you'll stay that way but within minutes you roll over and you're knocked on your belly.
Your routine goes a little something like this (it can vary plus or minus an hour depending on the day ... but this is pretty close):
  • 6:00am wake up - so happy and smiley - 8 oz bottle
  • 8:00am - nap in crib 1.5 hours
  • 9:30am - breakfast (yogurt, scrambled egg, banana, etc)
  • 1:00pm - lunch (baby food, banana and peanut butter, small cut up berries/veggies, etc)
  • 1:30pm - nap (alongside you brother - yay for freetime!)
  • 3:00pm - 4 oz bottle (if needed, or puff snack)
  • 5:30-6pm - dinner - 1-2 pouches of baby food or table food if possible
  • 7:30pm - bath time, pj's, sleep sack
  • 8pm - bedtime - 8 oz bottle - sleep in your crib
Lainey Likes + Dislikes:

  • When the food is all gone :(
  • Being in one spot for too long
  • Not being part of the action
  • Post bath/pre-bedtime bottle - she is hungry and sleepy
  • Your devices :) you're loving your walker right now
  • Food! Oh my does this girl like her food. 
  • Bath time/the pool
  • Being talked to and played with
  • Your hands!
  • Your play gym!
  • Your big brother, you think he is so funny
  • Rolling all over the place
  • your princess mirror 
Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Lainey Quirks + Milestones:
You are getting up on all fours/rocking and so close to crawling!
You rode the choo choo train at Chuck'e'cheese!
You are wearing pretty ponytails all over the place. And this was your first one ever. I die.

You got your piggies painted!
You started saying "DaDa" - no "MaMa" yet but I know you'll wise up and get there soon!
You celebrated the 4th of July!
And that's a little update of what's been going on these past two months with our sweet Lainey Gal! Being your mommy is the greatest! Love ya monkey.

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