Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Friends, Family, Fireworks, Food + The Fourth

Our region had some not so stellar weather patterns for Independence Day weekend, but we were bound and determined to not let that rain on our parade (literally it rained nearly the entire weekend). But truthfully, we made the absolute best of the weekend!
We kicked off the weekend with a delicious dinner at The Slider House  in Nashville. The kids were awesome, the food was delicious and hubs and I got some hang time. And then Friday was just one of those good days. The kids were in good moods, they took great naps, hubs got home at a decent time and we had some family time in the yard.

 Golf lessons right quick!

Then we headed for a quick dinner and a little more playtime before calling it a night. 
 Let me zoom in on that real quick. Look at little miss. Her first ponytail!

Saturday morning Shane had an early tee-time while I packed up the car so we could hit the road the moment he arrived home. As soon as he pulled in, we loaded up the car and set out to head north to Cincinnati, OH to visit my grandma, Elaine. Full recap on that coming soon.
For all of our prayer warriors out there, please send peaceful and comforting prayers to help my family through the next couple of months with my grandmother's health. 

We spent a great 48 hours with her and then loaded up the car and headed back home. Traveling long distances is still a little bit of a challenge for me at the moment, so we decided to pit stop in Louisville for the Fourth so we could break up the long drive home. We arrived in Louisville, KY Sunday afternoon and were soon greeted by our Nashville pals, John, Andrea and Jack who were coming up to Louisville to hang with us for the weekend!

We got cleaned up and headed to dinner (kid free) and indulged in some delicious Mexican food at El Camino and some fun libations. The husbands stayed out later than us gals, and we headed home to see our little boys watching Zootopia and having a blast. Love those sweet cuties and their precious friendship.
We woke up Monday to a dreary day and hung inside in our PJs for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Heck yes for Holiday weekends, am I right?!
We indulged in breakfast and then had a break in the weather and hung by the pool and grilled out and snacked the remainder of the afternoon. When the rain graced us once again with it's presence and the kiddos were ready for naps, we huddled up in the house and screened the hot dog eating contest. (fun side note, my little brother, Max, actually attended the event on Coney Island and was giving me a live feed play by play which was beyond excellent)!

After we were sick from eating all day, and watching others eat even more than that ... we got cleaned up for dinner and the Louisville City Football Club game that evening.

We headed to Over the 9 so our friends could check out the winery and brewery before the game and had a little dinner.
And then headed over to the field!

We made it through The Star Spangled Banner *hands on your heart*!
 And then within minutes the cotton candy vendor walked by and it was all madness from there :)

 Even Lainey got in on the action!
 And Uncle Jor-Jor!!
 We love our friends so much we just have to bear hug them!

After the game (and a W ~ wahoo!) we snuggled up for some fireworks!

 And these little crossed legs melt my heart.
It was a perfect weekend of friends, family, fireworks, food and The Fourth!

Thank you to all of our service men and women who have gone before us and worked on The Fourth of July to ensure our independence in the greatest nation of all, America! God Bless the USA!
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