Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Stitch Fix ~ #4

My next round of stitch fix came and went! Two items kept this time, and moreover I wasn't too jazzed about my designer this month. Womp. 

They always give you a survey to fill out at the end and I just didn't feel it was very personalized to me this go round. I realize I'm leaving them with limited options requesting only maxi dresses and maxi skirts, but I just wasn't been super stoked. Here's a looksy at my items:

1. These gorgey earrings (kept)

2. This maxi skirt (returned) - while cute in pictures it was the most unflattering maybe ever. Byyyye Felicia. 

3. This maxi dress (returned) - the cut was just so wrong, this is everything I stay away from while shopping for myself because this cut on me is so unflattering. No thanks. 

4. This maxi skirt (kept) - I was on board with this one. It's a cute pattern and has almost a jean look while being super light and flowy, so I think this is a good summer addition. 

5. This maxi dress (returned) - I feel like this is crazy similar to the dress I returned last month and I wanna be like come on man! You can do better! 

Two keeps, three returns. I'm gonna  keep it up, because I do really enjoy it. But I was a little bummed this month because I had a lot of events I could have used new items for. Let's see how the improvements go next month! 

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  1. That stinks it wasn't up to par this time. Love that skirt you kept - the color and the pattern are great!


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