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New Week ... New Baby {A Birth Story}

It's here, it's here, it's FINALLY here!! The blog post about our new baby that is!  I've been promising it for a week and finally forced myself to sit down and sort through all of the pictures and pick my very favorites to share with you. Forewarning, the post is long. So grab a cup of joe before settling in!  And if you want, familiarize yourself with Bennett's birth story here. Bahhh my heart is so happy I can barely stand it!

So, here's a quick recap of how we got here (ha!) ...
Which brings us to today ... and the amazing introduction of our baby GIRL!!!!

Elaine "Lainey" Louise
(named after her great grandmothers)
November 1, 2015 at 10:31pm
6 pounds 14.5 ounces
18 inches

Ahhh, I still smile when I say it. And here's the story of how it came to be. 

Friday, October 30th was similar to the last couple of Fridays we'd had. I would drop B off at school in the morning and then pick up a quick breakfast. I would eat on my drive to see my OB to listen to sweet Moon's heartbeat and see if I had made any progress. I was always told I hadn't but things were moving and to be ready because the second baby progresses more quickly than the first.

Disappointed, I headed home to take a long nap before I needed to pick up BUB from school. I had a cold and was exhausted. After I picked up B I made an appointment at my normal Doctor's office that afternoon as a precautionary measure to get on antibiotics in case it was something more than just a cold. He informed me it was an upper respiratory infection and I should take it easy on the couch over the weekend and if things hadn't cleared up to start an antibiotic on Monday. So we headed home and did just that. Lounged on the sofa :)

Around 8pm that evening I started noticing my contractions were picking up and seemed relatively frequent. Hubs and I started timing them and sure enough they were coming in fairly regularly about every 5-7 minutes. We called my doc and she wanted me to go into triage, but I was being stubborn and wanted to hold out. We headed to bed and (mostly) slept through the night.

Saturday was Halloween and we really wanted to make it special for Bennett before we rocked his world. Unfortunately the weather decided to not cooperate with that plan, but we made the most of it. More on that here. Saturday was mostly the same story as Friday night. On and off contractions ... but relatively manageable so we stayed home again and managed to avoid a Halloween baby!

Sunday, November 1st, however, brought a more developing story. We woke up that morning and I decided to go get my toes and nails done and the boys jumped in the car with me :)
Then we headed home and snuggled on the couch some more. But, late that afternoon the contractions really started to pick up and I couldn't deny it any longer. So, we called up our friends, Angie and Kyle, and asked them to come over and hang with B for a few hours and put him to bed while we headed to the hospital to get checked. He was okay with it :)
So we hugged our little guy tight and made our way to St. Thomas Midtown. Once we were hooked up to the monitors the nurse checked me and ha! no change since my visit on Friday. She looked at us and basically said, we'll monitor you for an hour but I'm 80% sure you'll be headed home in an hour. Pressure off, a little bit of disappointment, but okay we'll continue to wait little one. Not 30 minutes later however my contractions started to get STRONG. And FREQUENT. To the point the nurse even came in and was like whoa, that was a quick change. They continued to monitor me and the nurse checked me again in an hour. In that short amount of time I had made significant change and it was determined I was indeed in labor. The nurse called my doc and came back in the room "OKAY, WE'RE HAVING A BABY! Let's get you prepped for the OR!"
It all happened so fast and no one was there to take Shane's picture ... so he decided to snap one in the mirror :) hahaha. 
Holy whoa. So much to comprehend when just 40 minutes ago you told me with 80% certainty I'd be back home with Bennett in the hour. So much to digest. The nurses starting coming in fast and furious and prepping me for the OR, while the anesthesiologist filled my head with all of the necessary terrifying mumbo jumbo I have to sign my life away for. And just like that we were headed back to the OR to get my spinal.
 They don't let daddy come into the room until after I have my Spinal and they've transferred me to the operating table. So while he waited he snapped selfies and took pictures of the hospital hallways. He said those 10 minutes felt like an eternity!

And he walked into this ... trying to calm myself down and calm the shaking (that room is SO COLD). I remember Shane walking up to me and giving me some words of encouragement and we said a little prayer together before the doctor began. For the record, I love my husband.
And just like that ... they told Shane to stand up and announce what little blessing had just joined us. He looked in my eyes and I could see the tears streaming down his face "KATIE! IT'S A BABY GIRL!"
 Hi sweet lady, I love you.
 And your proud daddy loves you too.
GoGo and PaPaw arrived a few hours after your grand entrance and stopped by the hospital to visit us in recovery before rushing to our house to rescue sweet Kyle and Angie to stay with your big brother overnight. 

We waited until they walked in the room to tell them what we'd had. They're smitten too!

They're baby girl had a baby girl. Life is really cool.
And after a couple of hours in recovery we were whisked away to our postpartum room 7231 where Nurse Jeanne gave you your first bath around 3:30am.
 And then we all snuggled up and conked out for a few hours.
 In the morning we were greeted by the rest of your grandparents and big brother!
 Everyone asked how Bennett took to the idea of his baby sister and the honest answer is perfectly fine, but he was way more interested in his balloon gift and his grandparent visitors than his new human! Hehehehe.
 He did take kindly to Lainey's gift to him however!

 And it felt so good to hold my first baby and snuggle while reading our new books

 More love for Lainey!
 And for bubby!
 Proud grandmas!
 Sissy lovin'.
 And Poppy too!
 Family lovin!
 Snug as a bug with daddy.
We spent the next few days recovering + inspecting our newest addition. We came across this, which if you know me speaks for itself. Crooked pinkies unite!
And made sure to constantly FaceTime with our other little at home of course, only to be assured he was having a blast with popcorn + movies! Hahaha
And just like that, we're cleared to take her home!

You were the perfect surprise sweet girl and you already fit in so perfectly to our crazy world. We can't wait to get to know you more and shower you with love forever and always. We are blessed. Blessed indeed.
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