Monday, April 18, 2016

My Teammate

Six years ago today, this handsome fella dragged me out of bed on a Sunday morning {before the sun came up - which back THEN was so early} and whisked me away on a hot air balloon ride with our super sweet balloon driver (pictured below).  He asked me to be in his life forever. And it's the best decision I ever made. 

We always joke with one another and say "I'll be on your team" and most of the time it's trivial. But all jokes aside, over these past 10 years we've been together I don't think I could have found a better teammate. And I truthfully sometimes feel like that's what we are. We're husband and wife, obviously. We're best friends even moreso. But, at the end of the day we're teammates. 

Shane and I have both been athletes from the moment we both began walking - so it's pretty common for everything in our house to have a sports theme.  So in honor of today's Engageversary, I decided to make a little teammate take on the age-old "you're the macaroni to my cheese, the ink to my pen" verses that you often hear about. So in honor of our love day, and my favorite teammate, here's my teammate take where he's got my back when I fall:
You're the winning serve to my missed dig, the free-throw when I miss a shot, my goalie when it comes down to penalty kicks, you cover my block, my long putt when I undercut the chip, my Hail Mary in OT,  you make the three pointer right at the buzzer of a two point game, two a days that make sense at the end of the season, the minute shaved off my mile, the hand that reaches out to help me up when I trip, the pass that slips through the defender, the alley oop no one sees coming, the quarterback sneak that fools the best analysts, the line judge that knows for certain that hit was on the line, and the perfect back set for my right side hitter. 
He's my teammate. And goodness gracious, I love my team. Have a great week everybody!

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  1. great post katie! its always important to be on the same team :) love those pictures too! happy week!


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