Friday, November 1, 2013


BUB braved the wind storm last night and ventured out in the rain to make sure he got his first ever piece of Halloween candy! His daddy was such a champ and wore a matching cowboy hat. Gah! I'm in love with them both.
Cowboy Bennett made sure to bring his pony, Maggie, along for the ride :) ... Hehehehe she had a full on saddle and all!  Melts my heart how much they love each other already.
Our little cowboy was adorable thanks to Janet's Creative Corner on Etsy, and dad added some handy dandy rubber bands to keep those dapper little boots from falling off of his forever moving footsies!
I found this little trick or treat bucket (which he actually held for a good portion of the night) and the tiniest bails of hay for $1.00 at Hobby Lobby and about died. So perfect!
And because Halloween wouldn't be complete in a regular sleeper for bedtime. 
Superman watched over us last night.
Superman or Cowboy, Bennett is the best boy. 
Happy Halloween BUB, thanks for making it extra special.

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