Monday, December 5, 2016

Lainey's First Birthday Party ~ Up, Up and Cake!

Whew! I finally got around to getting the pictures from Lainey's First Birthday party off my camera to share all the fun we had!  I've had this on my to-do list for so long but every time I went to do it, it seemed we had 14 other things on our plate that day. Side note ~ Good grief, this time of year is busy busy busy. I feel like every year I think it will be better, things will slow down because we're more in control or something. But every year, it gets busier and busier I'm convinced! It's the most magical time, I love every second of it ... but as with all things in life ... I want it to slow down and not go by so fast! Le sigh ... savor the moments you can I guess.

Anywhoodles, back to the topic at hand. The birthday girl!! Lainey officially turned ONE on November 1, 2016 and I wrote her my traditional Birthday Letter. Then I recapped her final months while she transitioned into toddlerhood. Next, I mentioned her party briefly and shared a few iPhone photos, but alas ... here's the big to-do!

I designed her birthday invitations and for some reason mine and hub's engagement was on my brain the day I designed them. So, naturally I started with a hot air balloon and went from there. I was pretty happy with the final product and the rest of the party took shape from there. 
We hosted her party at our new house (which means I am indeed certifiably crazy I am well aware). But, we had so many people wanting to see the house before renovations started, so we thought it would kill several birds with one stone - and to be honest, I think we pulled it off pretty a-ok. Mom and I spent a good portion of Friday getting decorations and tables (uhm hi ... we don't have furniture) set up so it felt as cozy as it could.  

And Saturday morning it was food and finishing touches! Plehn's Bakery thrilled me with their excellent work on the cake and cookies! ( I took these pics before I updated the chalkboard - it was still inked from Bennett's 3rd Birthday Party, whoopsie)
Note the hot air balloons in the light fixtures. Mom and I were pretty please with our creativity there (even though I don't think anyone even noticed, ha!). 

Sorry, that's three individual photos of cookies - and even more of the dessert table. I realize that's a bit excessive ... but I was super in love with them. The conversation I had with the design team at the bakery didn't go all that well, so I was more than anticipating things to not turn out. So, when they did, I was over the moon!

It was lunch time and it was one of the first chilly days of winter, so we served chicken and dumplins, tiny ham sammys and some fruit salad. Easy peasy.
And look at this little nugget! She was so excited for her party ... we didn't put her outfit on until the first guest arrived (Sissy!) and we let Sissy get her dressed.
She had a "look through the year" montage on the fireplace.
And a beautifully decorated smash cake area all her own.
There's our birthday girl! Outfit from a little Etsy Shop ~ Olive Loves Apple
Taking steps at her party!


Lainey lovin!
 This was ... "Lainey say, you're ONE!"
My girls!
And all of Lainey's leading ladies!
And some of her party guests!
And some of her besties!
Addison ~ sweet girl. These two are gonna be trouble. Her momma is one of my good friend's and these gals are only three weeks a part. Teehehehe.
And this boy is gonna cause some trouble too. Lainey's boyfriend, Charlie!
Sweet cousins!
Uncle Jon Ryan and Aunt Brooke!
Uncle Ted + Sissy

PaPaw!!! (any guesses where Lainey gets those blue eyes?!)
And then ... it was time for cake!!
She was so excited.
And when everyone started singing and the sweet girl realized it was all for her, she couldn't stop smiling. She was beaming at everyone in the room. Little miss loves being in the lime light.

And big brother helped her blow out her candle.
And then it was time to dig in.

But it didn't take long for Bennett to step in and get a taste test of his own.
And Lainey quickly realized it was all hers.
Sort of...

A girl and cake. Does it get any better? 


 Sweet pea dug a hole right out of the middle!

I mean a full on hole! Hahaha 
And last but not least it was time for prezzies.

Happy First Birthday sweet girl, we love you so much and thank you to everyone that helped us celebrate our little ray of sunshine. Until next year ... 
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  1. Precious precious party for a precious sweet girl!! She and graham have birthdays close together! I love the theme. The cookies and cake turned out amazing! What a special day for everyone!

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