Sunday, November 4, 2012


okay, so the CMAs were Thursday night (Country Music Awards ... for the non-southern folk who don't eat, sleep and breathe country music like moi) and like every year - they didn't disappoint. it's by far my favorite award show of the season and i get overly excited, we're talking giddy school girl, pop corn tubs, special snacks, we will not run out of beverages, cute sweatpants and extra blankets excited!

Let's see featured highlights ---
  1.  Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton still being the couple i aspire to be (winning a duet together?!, and her 'Thank You' speech in which she made sure to include all of her competition?! - SWOON)
  2. Seeing Tim and Faith perform together (seeing Tim perform twice actually *wink wink*)
  3. Willie Nelson tribute and his cute pig tails (do you think he braids his own?)
  4. Carrie Underwood's amazing wardrobe changes
    1. Carrie's incredible hair
    2. Carrie performing 'Blown Away' and actually looking like she was in a twister
    3. Carrie and Brad's Connie tribute
    4. Carrie and Brad doing the Gangnam dance
    5. Carrie's legs (seriously though?)
    6. Carrie and Brad making fun of T. Swift
    7. Carrie and Brad explaining 'Motorboatinnn" *giggle*
      • And while on the Carrie topic, i feel the need to whine a little. Carrie came to Louisville in September and lucky me, it was on my birthday weekend. Which meant me and all my gal pals were going to put on our best country concert attire (see Quinn's blog to find out what to wear) and sing our little hearts out. BUT silly me, planned mine and Shane's anniversary trip right in the middle of the concert and i wasn't able to go - WAHHHH! -- it sure looks like they had fun though, so sad i couldn't be there :(.

  1. Zach Brown's incredible voice
  2. Vince Gill's appearance - he's an icon for real
  3. Taylor Swift not winning Female vocalist of the year (not trying to be a hater, and i really do like Taylor, but I'm ready for some other artists to win some awards)
  4. Eric Church performing' Springsteen', even though i just saw it live a couple of weeks ago (a small blurb on that here)
  5. The gals from the new show 'Nashville' presenting an award. I am LOVING that show ya'll. If you haven't seen it - tune into ABC on Wednesday nights at 10pm. We're 3 or 4 episodes in on the first season - you'll like it. Promise.
  6. Jason Aldean, Eric Church and Luke Bryan performing together
  7. And i think my personal favorite performance of the night was The Band Perry performing their new song "Better Dig Two" (let me be honest, I've had it on repeat since the first time i heard it - LOVING it).

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