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Remember when i told y'all about my beloved gals' nights? (if you missed it, you can catch up on that here)  so, just like Halloween & pumpkin carving if there is a holiday or theme we can parlay into our outings you can bet your bottom dollar we will.

Thanksgiving, or 'FRIENDSgiving' as we call it - is definitely no different. This calorie packed gal's night is hosted at my sweet friend Laura's house who conveniently has the largest dining room and dining room table known to man.  I think their dining room used to an attached garage or something, that has been transformed into a cozy sunken dining room - with a table that could seat an entire NFL football team.

We arrange it as a potluck, in which everyone is in charge of a different delicious dish.  Last year - BIG FAIL - FRIENDSgiving is no different than any other Thanksgiving dinner in which leftovers seem more abundant than the original meal.  And after our feast, we forgot to get cheapy Ziploc Tupperware and extra plastic bags, so divvying up the left overs amongst everyone was a bit of a challenge.  You can bet your little behind however, I'm on it this year, and have been stock piling my extra Chinese carry out containers, so I'll so up ready to battle, and that extra spoonful of dumplings will be coming home with none other than yours truly :)

Because, we ladies love our starchy sides we determined it would be better for everyone to make a yummy sides recipe and that to be our main focus.  Then, we cheated a little bit and bought some pre-cooked Kroger chickens - so no one was stuck with the everlasting job of basting a turkey for that many people.  HOWEVER, this year i have heard grumblings that our lovely Jessie Belle has some coupons for a sweet and salty Honey Baked Ham!  We're movin' on up ladies!!!

So far group text (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Apple for this incredible invention!) lets me know there are several delicious goodies on the menu. 

 Some talk of what dishes are coming includes:
  • Stuffing
  • Truffle mac and cheese
  • Corn pudding
  • Pear and poppy seed salad
  • Cheesy potatoes
  • Sister Schubert's rolls (if you haven't had these, think O'Charley's - YUM)
  • Teddi cakes aka cinnamon cakes (a secret family recipe I am still trying to crack...and getting close!)
  • Honey Baked Ham (fingers crossed!)
  • Hash brown casserole
  • Surprise dessert ... I've heard orange cake
  • Something green (because we can't be ultimate carb-a-holics)
Oh man, all of this food talk has my tummy grumbling!  So, I'm trying to decide what delicious concoction i should make.  Last year i brought my infamous Chicken and Dumplin's - always a crowd favorite. But, SO filling amongst all of the other dishes, and i just made them for the Pumpkin Carving party - so it may be too soon?

A couple of things I'm considering:
  1. Green Bean Casserole
    • I've only ever made the French's recipe and probably would again, but bringing green beans to a gals night dinner when there would be so many other delicious carb filled dishes overshadowing my measly greens ... I think I'll pass (that was a tough decision)
  2.  Crock Pot Mac and Cheese
    • This is one my favorites and a frequent dish i like to bring to the office for potluck lunches.  It's beyond the best comfort food around and the consistency is bar none.  I think I'll duke it out with Holly and see if I can bring the Mac and Cheese and let her focus on the Stuffing :o)
    • IF i end up choosing Mac and Cheese, I'll share my recipe with you Monday - heck, even if I don't I may share it anyways!
  3. Something Pumpkin
    • Is it just me or did the introduction of Pinterest and the Pumpkin Spice Latte create an overwhelming number of "OMG I LOVE EVERYTHING PUMPKIN ENTHUSIASTS"?!
    • Don't get my wrong, i love pumpkin pie as much as the next ole' lady who makes her weekly trip to Frisch's Big Boy for extra whip cream. But seriously this is a fad i never saw coming.  It's like Bubba Gump Shrimp company meets Pumpkin Flavoring. 

okay, it may not be that serious, but you catch my drift -- if you don't believe me get on Pinterest and search Pumpkin...T.A.K.I.N.G. O.V.E.R. I tell ya!
(I feel the need to also share, i wrote the above pumpkin items down randomly in efforts to be funny, thinking of things that could possibly be "pumpkin" and LATER searched them on Pinterest...and they actually existed!?...need i say more?)
Nevertheless, it is delicious and Tis' the season so maybe I'll head down that road.

Feel free to give me any suggestions if you've got a good recipe lying around that would knock the gal's socks off.  Oh, Friendsgiving....I'll be dreaming of you...Can't wait to see you again Monday.

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