Monday, November 5, 2012

lil' ole me

since this blog is new i thought I'd "put myself out there" 
and give you a full Katie 101 tutorial.

because this could possibly get lengthy, I'm going to keep it in a listed format (for ease of use for my followers of course :) --- or maybe it's do to my ridiculously love for organized lists) - which is a great segway into number 1:

  1.  i love lists (for any reason, and generally can create a reason to make one)
  2. Godiva chocolate covered strawberries are my weakness
  3. I transferred schools 7 times (no, I'm not an army brat | no, i wasn't a trouble maker | no, my family didn't move | and no, i wasn't forced or asked to leave in anyway | they were all my own decisions)
  4. although i have never been diagnosed with ADD - i have ADD with life - and need CONSTANT change
  5. My favorite color is blue
  6. I'm fascinated with balloons and helium
  7. independent is an understatement when it comes to me
  8. i have extremely crooked pinkies
  9. most of my best friends have been the same since i was 14
  10. God didn't give me a sister, but he gave me MaKenzie Noelle - i think he did me one better
  11. i will always have a place in my heart for John Mayer - i don't care what anyone says
  12. i used to eat butter by the spoonful and still would if it was socially acceptable
  13. i truly believe my little brother has hung the moon
  14. i studied abroad twice in college (Florence, Italy and London, England)
  15. i wish i was in my 20's during the 1950's
  16. my husband and i are the same person
  17. my papaw Fred was my hero
  18. harvest homecoming (a small town fair in my hometown) is my favorite event of the year
  19. my older brother and i had a mouse for a pet
  20. i had the biggest crush on Tony Delk growing up *Kentucky BABY!*
  21. caramel macchiato's are my favorite coffee drink
  22. i want to be a travel writer
  23. i wish i had prettier hand writing
  24. growing up i wore pink converse every day for a solid 7 years (thanks to my dad)
  25. i hate to run (i associate it with punishment after all those years of sports)
  26. I'm good at teasing my hair and can often rock a decent pony
  27. diet mountain dew is ALWAYS my drink of choice
  28. I'm a brunette and always will be - i once died my hair blonde in 8th grade and it was the worst decision I've ever made
  29. i served corn on the cob - in the husk - at my wedding reception (dare you to judge me)
  30. i hate the dentist
  31. vodka and i are NOT friends
  32. boots and scarves are my favorite clothing items
  33. Kung Fu Girl is my favorite wine (Riesling)
  34. because of 31, i really, REALLY want to go to Seattle, Washington
  35. i love to cook
  36. in high school my friends and i had an obsession with mullets
  37. my first concert was Billy Joel and Elton John
  38. i would love to live in Chicago
  39. i didn't eat Peanut Butter until i was a sophomore in college
  40. the Lady and the Tramp is my favorite Disney movie
  41. ballpark chocolate malts with wooden spoons were the best thing ever invented (I'm looking at you Cincinnati Reds)
  42. i cried actual tears when they closed down the Boston Market restaurants in my hometown
  43. my mom and i go Black Friday shopping in NYC every other year
  44. i love eating with chop stix, and always have several pairs in my drawers at home
  45. my husband registered for Frozen Pizzas on our wedding registry and was serious about it
  46. i'm afraid of the ocean
  47. i wish i would have bartended while in college
  48. the creamy pasta salad from Ruby Tuesday's garden bar is one of my favorite foods
  49. speaking of creamy, i hate that word - along with moist and raw
  50. i will go sky diving before i die - BUCKET LISTER!

okay, enough about me today. have a great week!


  1. This was one of my favorite posts! Especially #10. You are the cutest. ~ Noellie


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