Monday, November 12, 2012

Recipe Monday: Chick'n & Dumplin's Y'all

Considering this blog was created with the intention of sharing some cooking, baking and general recipes with you - I'd say it's about time to get it started don't ya think?! Nom...Nom.....Nomm...

With the weather cooling off (although this weekend was a GOD SEND and absolutely gorgeous outside) and the days getting dark so soon, soups and crock pots are my best friends. 

Also, because our household generally operates on a similar weekly routine when it comes to food - i will start sharing some of my favorite recipes with your every Monday to start our week and our tummy off right!  But, before jumping into the recipe, let me share the routine:
  • Sunday-Tuesday
    • large batches of soups or crock pot meals are created
    • these are readily available for the hubs and his bottomless belly at all times
    • also substitute for great leftover reheats when I've decided dinner just isn't happening that night
  • Wednesday
    • gals night
    • Hub's is on his own (hence, Sun-Tues meals are great)
  • Thursday
    • i generally cook
  • Friday
    • dinner out with friends
    • date night
  • Saturday
    • it's a toss up and completely depends on what's happening
  • Sunday
    • crosses over with above, but we often have Sunday dinner with hub's entire family
    • when we have Sunday dinner - large soup and crock pot meals become Mon-Tues
  • GOT IT?! : o) .... Don't mess with our routine .... we're getting older and stuck in our ways! ; o)
So, that being said, here is a SUPER quick and easy - never fails fan favorite 

Chick'n and Dumplin's.

What You'll Need:
  •  1-3 boxes chicken broth
    • I use Swanson - any brand will do
    • or you can use water and add bouillon cubes or flavoring if you prefer
    • # of boxes is 100% contingent on if you want them more soupy or not
  • 1 roasted chicken
    • I but the already cooked kind from Kroger or wherever
    • You can also roast your own chicken, or use only breasts if you like white meat, i just prefer the pre-cooked because it's ready when i need it and tends to shred easily
  • 1-2 bags of Reames frozen dumplings  
    • i use 2 because i make a large serving, 1 is suitable if you're not looking for leftovers
    • it’ll be in the frozen bread isle
    • bag looks like this - these are the best
    • TRUST ME - I've made my own and tried other brands - these are the BEST
  • 1/2 large white onion - chopped
  • A couple stalks of celery
  • Peas and Carrots (options)
    • You can add peas and carrots (chopped) (if you like those in there)
    • I only add carrots – but you can use peas too
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • A BIGGG ole dash of parsley
    • freshly chopped or from a spice jar
Alright are you ready for these super challenging instructions?!
  1. In large pot, bring broth or water to boil
  2. Add celery, carrots, and onions
  3. While the veggies are softening up (about 10-15 minutes)- begin to tear apart chicken
    • I toss the skin
  4. Add dumplins to boiling pot
    • make sure the dumplins stay in the freezer until you add them to the pot
    • once you ad dumplins stir frequently as they are defrosting to avoid them sticking together (they're not as good when they bunch up)
    • continue to boil
  5. Once chicken is torn apart, I chop it into even smaller bites
    1. this is 100% preference, i just generally eat mine with a spoon so I prefer the chicken bits to me small and throughout, some people however like big slivers of chicken
    2. add chicken to pot, stir
  6. Add parsley, salt and pepper to taste
  7. I let mine simmer for as long or as little as you like (usually at least 30-40 minutes) and VOILA.
Alternative method - I have also made my dumplins in a crock pot and they are equally as delicious. Essentially those directions are even easier.  You can add all ingredients at once and turn the pot on low for 4-6 hours.  The only draw back with the crock pot is the dumplins tend to stick together more easily.  However, you can easily sub the dumplins for egg noodles and you'll have a super simple chicken noodle soup!

Happy Cooking!

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