Friday, November 16, 2012

Special Edition: Eat Me.

Happy Friday everyone.  I can't help but be extra cheery today, because it's almost "THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!"  I just received an email from my neighborhood and holiday decorations go up this weekend at the lodge and on the light poles, and it's got me all excited.  I may have even listened to Holiday Pandora for an hour today...MAYBE ;)

Now, that being said, we are "After Thanksgiving" decorators and always have been; but I don't really know if that's by choice or pure happenstance. You see, both of my parents are from the Cincinnati, OH area and every other year since I've been a kiddo we take a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, ice skate in Central Park and just soak up the big city holiday atmosphere ( I know poor me right).  The point I'm trying to make is: its RARE that we are actually ever home for Thanksgiving.  Plus, the hubs added another kicker to the holiday. All of his father's side of the family lives in the Chicago area; so it's become common that the year we aren't in NYC, we are up in the Windy City visiting with the fam.  *Cough*Cough* these are NOT complaints.  I LOVE traveling for this holiday and wouldn't have it any other way. Plus - i am SPOILED rotten by being in two of the best east coast cities for Black Friday Shopping - Lucky me!

In my mind Thanksgiving is such a great parlay into Christmas and always gets me so excited.  And more importantly, the FOOD! Thanksgiving food, geesh. Obviously I'm obsessed as this is my second discussion about Thanksgiving food this week.  But seriously, equally as exciting, because food is a constant thought in my hungry brain, i happen to have a top 5 list of my favorite "Holiday Time" foods. 

When i see these bad boys on my grocer's shelves - I STOCK PILE.  I'm talking TLC's Sugar Mama from Honey Boo Boo coupon clipper status where i need a special rack for the ridiculous quantities i buy.  There really is not a single reason or explanation i have for doing this because i always go back and get more before they officially take them off the shelves, but i think that's part of the fun.  Plus the reaction on Shane's face as he helps me unload 15 boxes of oreos ain't too shabby.  (He loves to give me the Katie, you cannot be serious - how much did these ridiculous overpriced holiday special edition boxes cost - "LOOK"--- Sorrrrrrrrrrrrry, Shane.)

Alright, Alright, I know you're on the edge of your seat.
So, without further delay, *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* here are my
Special Edition: Holiday Grocery Favorites that scream EAT ME:

1.  Limited Edition White Fudge Covered Oreo's
HOLY MOLY, are these babies heavenly.  I can't eat too many at one time because they're so rich. but OMG. STOCKPILES galore.

2.  Andes Peppermint Crunch Mints
Confession: I am a sucker for after dinner mints. Don't take me to Olive Garden unless you're okay with me sneaking a handful of those lil' Andes into my purse.  So, my friends - if you're an after dinner mint lover like me and you haven't had these or have never heard of them, thank me later. SO GOOD.
3.  Diet Coke in Glass Bottles
Okay, so this probably isn't a turn "Only at Christmas Time" treat, but when you are Penny's daughter Glass Bottle Cokes makes you think of one thing: St. Nick. 

Side story:
My brother's and i went to Catholic Grade School and the story of St. Nicholas is a Patron Saint who brings goodies and puts them in your stocking (left outside by the front door) on December 6th (it is THE BEST prelude to Christmas).  And yes, if you must know: Even when i was away at school and now that i am married. St. Nick STILL visits me, every year.  Meaning a couple of things: 1) again, I'm spoiled rotten 2) I'm obviously on the "Nice" list 3) My mother loves me.
So, anyways, keep your judgements and eye rolling to a minimum, i can't help it I'm still a child.  St. Nick always bring Cokes, in glass bottles.  And when i turned 18 he realized i no longer drank regular and was nice enough to switch my bottles to Diet. What a great lil' guy that St. Nick.

4. William Sonoma Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Marshmallows
This is another Penny-ism.  The moment this deliciousness hits the shelves Madre is ON IT buddy.  And it's Hot Chocolate at least 4 times a week every day until Christmas.  PLUS, my parents are HUGE fans of fires, so you can bet on a cold night this is the ultimate cure to cozy up and smile.  Believe it or not, this sometimes even replaces my nightly glass of Kung Fu - GASP!-

5. Coffee Mate - Italian Sweet Cream
Italian Sweet Cream in my Coffeeeeeeeeeee! The phrase i cannot WAIT to bust from my lungs the first morning i have the massive bottle in our fridge.  Okay, this is another arguably non-holiday item as you can buy it all year round. But my Aunt Toby (her real name is Treva) introduced this to me a couple of years ago around the holidays and therefore it makes my holiday list.  If you're a French Vanilla fan or something similar, TRUST ME, it's worth a try.  AND while googling this image to share, I've just learned they came out with a Fat Free version - can't WAIT to try that bad boy out.
Well gang, there you have it.  The most immaculate holiday grocery shopping list known to man: cookies, sweat cream, chocolate mints, chocolate drink and soda.  I'm such a health nut ... Oh come on and live a little, it's almost CHRISTMAS!

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