Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Babe Salad.

Happy Tuesday Y'all (I could have come up with a better opening, but I actually wrote most of this yesterday and forgot to post it...so here's your bloggy post today).  I don't know about the rest of you, but my weekend was packed full of R&R and I am not complaining one bit.

We saw skyrocketing temps in Louisville over the weekend - capping out in the 60's here in Louisville, which was a nice break from the winter chill. However, with the sun and warmth came the soaking rain of the cold front, that I get ever so frustrated with, because I want it to be SNOW!  But, the nasty, wet weather led to the perfect lazy Sunday with some (yes I'm aware some indicates plural) naps, hot chocolate, games of Scrabble and ... it is award season after all -- The GOLDEN GLOBES!

Side note on the Scrabble game ... hubs taking advantage of double and triple word scores that I continually tee up for him; hit a hot spot with me and my competitive bone ... Due to this little nugget of information, the 2nd game did not reach its full potential and was not played to completion, but rather ended in a Scrabble brawl.  Therefore, the last 35 minutes of the Golden Globes were enjoyed in silence.  Hehehe.  Games or anything competitive for that matter, get intense at our house ... don't judge.

More importantly however, can we talk about the fashion at the Golden Globes.  Holy COW ... they were smokin'! So, not that anyone should follow my fashion advice, because although I claim to have some style ... I am by NO means at the top of the fashion trends game.  However, I'll leave you with the 60-second recap, Katie version of Fashion Police.

First, I feel it is only right to call out those in which I look at their dress and say to myself - "What were you thinking?!?!"

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
    • ugh I know, I know ... I HATE to do it. Because she is a fellow KY girl and representing Louisville well.  Not to mention she got to rub shoulders with Bradley Cooper all night (and even more than that in the movie from what I hear - YOWW). Buuuut, I just wasn't digging the style - it looks too petite or something and just wasn't working for me. HOWEVER - can we say NAILED her acceptance speech?! i mean KILLED it. Love that girl.
  2. Taylor Swift
    • I was TOTALLY feeling her People's Choice Awards - post breakup dress. And although this is definitely a step up from her normal old moo-moos, something about dark sultry Taylor just doesn't work for me.
  3. Anne Hathaway
    • OMG! I don't know if it's the actual outfit or her over the top 2nd round bust out acceptance speech. Couple with her cuddling Amanda Seyfried onstage but it was TOO much and therefore she's on the fashion no no list.

Okay, now to the fun stuff.  My, holy cow I am so jealous of how good you look rocking that dress - top babe salad awards go to:

  1. Hayden Panettiere
    • I have loved this cute little gal since she made her first appearance in Remember the Titans as the football crazed daughter (partially because I think I was that exact same little girl when it came to my dad's Floyd County Catholic football team). But, now that she is rockin that stage in Nashville - she continues to steal my heart with these fancy styles.  LOVE it.
  2. Jessica Alba
    • Alright, so the girl is probably never going to be nominated for an Oscar, but YOWZA is she smokin'.  Whew. The dress, the hair, the lipstick.  Jess my friend - you NAILED it.
  3. Lea Michele
    • I've been hearing she's getting some flack for looking too tan. And although her spray tan was severely evident in that white dress...WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? You mean to tell me if you had to get on stage, during a hot fashion night in Hollywood with the entire world watching ... You wouldn't want to spray on a little color to make sure your STUNNING white dress doesn't wash you out? That's what I thought. And girrrrrrrl - yes. You looked good!
And the ultimate BABE SALAD of the night goes to........DRUM ROLL please:

Kate Hudson

Holy Hottness.  I'm not sure this one needs much commentary.  Black is in. Plunge is in. How good she looks in that dress is in!  Way to go Kate, Way to go.  The ultimate BABE SALAD.


  1. So, I scored a kajillion points when Wife left an open "triple word score" for me to salivate over...twice! Pardon me if I pounce on an opportunity at a mass influx of points on her behalf. I was ridiculed, called unintelligent, yelled at, told my breath stunk and other things I cannot say on here. Trust me when I tell you (the public) that her behavior was unnacceptable.


    1. Oh puh-lease! My momma always told me...Cheaters never prosper :) hehehehehe

  2. I didn't watch the show, but from the pictures I've seen, I tend to agree with you. Jennifer Lawrence's dress looked weird (i think it was the pointy boobs?) And I loved Jessica Alba's look.


    1. Yea, JLaw's dress was certainly flawed in the bust. Such a shame. But dannng Jessica Alba! Workin it!


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