Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Terrible Two's...

Someone once told me, owning a dog is like having a 2 year old ... only they remain 2 years old for like 10-15 years.  I never really understood it. Until well...I got a dog :)  You can find out more about our sweet Maggie here.

During winter months having a dog and taking it out is one of those "make you grumble and thrash in your sheets because you REALLY don't want to get out of bed" mornings... Every morning...and evening (when you're on the couch) for that matter. Okay, okay. So I make Shane do all the doggie dirty work when it's cold outside. but I'm cold for him too. Hehehe.

Or how about when you go to lay down at night, you find the EXACT perfectly comfortable spot and then the dog comes crawling into your bed.  You're all nestled for the best winter hibernation you can imagine and by the end of the night you have dog butt in your face; and you might as well move your pillow to the floor because the chances of you getting your side of the bed back is completely UNREALISTIC!

Nevertheless...cold mornings, cold walks, and losing patience over if I have to tell you "no you cannot chew on my beloved Ugg house slippers" ONE MORE TIME...my little Maggie Moo brings so much joy to our life. 

From dressing her up in ridiculous antics, giving us something to talk about when really whatever you are doing is not all that interesting, to being the best snuggle a gal could ask for, and last but not least for creating funny pictures with me to send to Hubs while he's gone. Here are a few of my favorites to depict just what I'm talking about...

And today Miss Maggie Mae -- is your BIRTHDAY! You're officially 2 years old! 

Can't wait to take her to Three Dog Bakery and get her a delicious birthday treat!  After your response to last year's cake, I'd say your pretty excited too.

So, Happy Birthday Mags, Love you and your terrible two's...forever!

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