Monday, April 8, 2013

Couch Focus

sIt's Monday ... again ... wommmp.  It's one of those mornings where I swear if I wasn't preggo I would fill the sink up with coffee, stick my head in and drink the whole thing down.  And it doesn't help that hubs is out of town, so the entire morning routine was completed by lonely lil' me .... ohh how I loathe morning responsibility.  I better learn soon though, right?! Nothing like motherhood to bring morning responsibility to a head.  Nevertheless, according to some people in my city, it's not your average Monday.  There is a special event happening this evening that has my husband, and other crazy Cards fans even more wound up than normal ~ The NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship game!

So here's the deal, I am a University of Kentucky fan through and through.  I was born and raised into a family that bleeds blue and Kentucky Basketball keeps the blood pumping.  Unfortunately (and to put it as nicely as possible) we had an off year this year, so my Cats never got a chance at the Big Dance ~ THIS YEAR.  Last year however, and actually until the game is over tonight, let me remind everyone, The University of Kentucky Wildcats hold the 2012 National Championship Title.  And you better believe I was court side in New Orleans to relish in the glory.  Throwback to one of the best extended weekends of all times:

Comments these photos can't do without:
    1. Top Left: Hubs did participate and wore a UK shirt to the final game once his team lost - team player right there
    2. Top Right: Yes, we had a chance get a picture with Dick Vitale.  After Laura's Husband took the picture he said, and I quote "OMG it's so good!" -- we walked away, looked at the picture and what you are looking at is the final result my friends.  That is not a bad crop job by me.  He did indeed chop Laura's head off. Cool Chris.
    3. Bottom Left: Laura and I have been to NOLA 3 times in the last 2 years, always together.  We've acquired new masks every time and we're the best partners in crime on Bourbon Street. 
    4. Bottom Right: Hubs is the best travel buddy :0)

Anyways, the first round of the Final Four took place on Saturday, and whew buddy was hubs ever "IN THE ZONE".  We spent a good portion of Saturday day running errands and random hoopla, simply to get him out of the house so he didn't go crazy with nerves. While we were out and about we discussed the "big question" where would we watch the game?! OH THE HORROR!

The big parking lot party at Tin Roof was an option, but that would probably be super crowded and we'd have to bring our own chairs to find a seat.  There was a 30th birthday party at a local bar, but hubs was convinced it was mostly UK fans and he needed to be surrounded by positive UL mojo.  All other invites didn't tickle his fancy enough and he was convinced he needed his #CouchFocus.  Uhmmm ... what?

 Yes, that's right, Shane has coined a phrase that is unique only to twitter and UL games: #CouchFocus.  #CouchFocus comes into play every UL game that hubs is unable to attend. He describes it as "an intense stabilization of reality and fantasy, channeled through specific brain waves cultivated from the weight of the moment that lay on his shoulders, all for the betterment of the team and the university".  Yes, this is indeed a direct quote and he is serious ... we're talking a big time UL fan here folks.

Alas, once all options were surveyed, he settled on coming home and watching the game in the comfort of our own basement. So he could hear the commentators, yell as loud as he pleased, and channel as much #CouchFocus as possible to ensure they pulled out the "W".  Maggie and I agreed we'd keep him company and "try" to cheer as much as we could for that ugly red team.  But, really we just giggled together and snapped photos of his intense reactions to the game ... for the sole benefit of sharing with our bloggy friends. 

You'll notice her reactions: (left) "What is he DOING? Does he realize how ridiculous he looks right now?!" (right) "OMG mom, I can't watch. Thank goodness my friends aren't here to witness this."  Nevertheless, in hopes some of our readers out there can relate to this intensity we are required to endure, we wanted to share :0)

Here are some of our favorite #CouchFocus and other focus shots (#CarpetFocus, #PoleFocus, #HunchedFocus ... you get the idea) from Saturday night.  I promise, all of these are 100% candid and the pictures don't even do his intensity justice.

Hubs caught a plane to Atlanta yesterday to bring #CouchFocus directly to the Final Four, so he could be with his boys and celebrate the victory with the Cards  in person.  So Mags and I will be giggling at home tonight imagining his intensity in the Georgia Dome.  God help whomever has the ticket next to him ;0).


  1. THIS IS CUTE!! Love the candids. Lol

    1. Haha thanks! Boy is outta control I tell ya. After I wrote the post, I was like "uhm, Shane...can you describe couch focus?!" -- Caught red handed ... had to turn myself in for approval :)

    2. Hilarious! ...very entertaining! Kudos!

    3. and uum, yea... still figuring out this whole "comment/reply" thinga-ma-jig. Clearly, I have some work to do!! Lol. but it looks like you have "4 comments" whoop whoop.

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