Friday, April 5, 2013

Life's Little Moments

I promise me and lil' man are still kicking over here.  Hubs and I recently took our babymoon and getting back to routine has been a bit more challenging than normal for me.  I think full on nesting mode, the reality of the 3rd trimester, and tackling every day routines with a basketball in my stomach are starting to take their toll :0).  But I'm trying to take it all with a smile and remember I only have a short time left of "being pregnant", which is still a SUPER challenging concept to grasp.  

Gahhh, everyone keeps saying you'll be ready by the time you  have to be and other positive news I 'need' to hear.  But I'm telling ya'll it's taking everything in me to not completely break down and start listing every reason why they are COMPLETELY off base with their 'positive reassurance'.  Nevertheless, it WILL come together, it will - and everything will be OKAY.  Whew. Deep breath.

 So anyways, to take it with a smile, let's rehash "Life's Little Moments" lately, shall we?  A little collage of things that have made me smile.  The small things and the little moments that life shares with us everyday.  Here is your sneak peak into my world of happy! On tap this week:

  • Top Left, Top Middle and Middle Left: Yes, Maebyn again.  Because seriously I can't handle how stinkin' cute she is.  Like for real. She looks so much like her beautiful mommy it makes my heart smile so big.  AND - if you look close you'll see she's rocking some pretty sweet bibs that say, "I love my aunt katie bugg" and "Uncle Shane is awesome" -- so clearly lil' bit knows what's up -- smart girl right there y'all!
  • Top Right: Hubs and I this past weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Sweet Sixteen.  Now, before I start getting ridiculed for wearing black and white and attending the University of Louisville game.  Let me remind you: I am married to one of the biggest UL that ever lived. AND he attended the National Championship game with me last year as UK took home the title (AND wore a UK shirt) -- so in all fairness I had to cooperate, at least a little bit.  And it does make me smile a little bit, to see how genuinely happy it makes the hubs to watch his cards have a chance in the big dance.  All is fair in love and war - right?
  • Middle right: My discovery of THE BEST Easter candy of all time. I can't believe I had never had Reese's Pieces Eggs before. Holy bajeeze guys.  SO much peanut butter and a more than normal crunchy shell.  Seriously, go stalk the Easter candy sales and STOCK UP. You won't regret it.
  • Bottom Left: That's right, a baby shower invitation, FOR ME!  Ahhhh!  My gals are throwing me a shower in a couple of weeks and getting my invite in the mail made my heart go pitter patter.  I can't believe the time is finally here.  And how adorbs is that invite?!?!  It even says come celebrate her new little gentleman.  Little gentleman - could there be a more perfect way to say it?!  Ahhhh I die...they know me too well. I just love my girls.
  • Bottom Right: A little teaser from our babymoon.  I promise to devote an entire post to the trip (but there are a few surprises in there) so I have to wait just a few more weeks :) ... but see Maggie in all her glory and proving she is nothing but A DIVA.  I mean it's one thing for the ween to try and encroach on my side of the bed, but stealing beach chairs, Maggie? Really?  Believe it kids - she is spoiled rotten and I really don't care :)

Take a step back and enjoy the weather this weekend and remember to enjoy life's little moments.  Share some of yours with me!

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  1. Love, love, love this post. Life's little moments make things so much sweeter. Love you! ~ Noellie


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