Thursday, April 25, 2013

SHOWERed with LOVE {pt. 1}

I cannot even begin to tell y'all how incredibly blessed I've been feeling.  I can't even find the right words to describe how absolutely, perfectly, adorably, special my weekends have been lately.  My baby showers have begun and although I had wedding showers and felt so much love then ... a baby shower is a whole new thang.

It seriously leaves me almost speechless at how much love Baby U is receiving and no one even knows him yet. Shane and I are so blessed to have so much love in our lives. And to be surrounded by people who care for us, it such an incredible feeling. Whew. Emotions on emotions on love on love. I'm a happy happy happy soon-to-be-mama.

SOOooo enough sap -- here are the deetz.  Our first shower was thrown by my Mother-In-Law and "The Bee's".  It's her group of 11 gal pals that call themselves the Bee's, yes like a bumble bee, and the Queen Bee of each of their families :)  There's a whole lot more I can share about these ladies ... and Oh.Em.Gee. their recipes {they have their own cook book y'all} are to DIE for. Like finger lickin', perfect for party entertaining good.  But we'll save Bee's news for a later post.

It was a Sunday shower at Hurstbourne Country Club and it wound up being the PERFECT spring day :) Such great weather and the sun was shining BRIGHT on my ole' Kentucky home.  They stuck with my Nerdy Nautical Nursery Theme and hosted a Nautical themed shower. 

Their decorations were seriously adorable. Paying attention to detail is definitely their forte. 

I couldn't get over how cute the center pieces were! I didn't take a great picture, but they were all hand made.  The little rods holding the sails were thread spools, how stinkin' clever - Ahh. I die.

Love, love the little rope tying the napkins. :) Again, details.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, the cake. OMG the cake.  Not only was it the most delicious thing you have ever eaten, but seriously SO CUTE!!!  And don't worry - I promised a name reveal - that's coming in part 2 - but here are the initials - B.U.B.

BUB! Are you kidding me?! How did I not realize his monogrammed initials are BUB?!?! It's the perfect little name and I didn't even realize it! In my head, I kept thinking BBU -- not monogrammed BUB. Seriously, I have to pinch myself because it's so cute {I don't care if I am bias...agree with me it's cute}.

And of course they didn't stop with cake.  There were also matching cupcakes. With INDIVIDUAL polka dot holders. BEYOND perfect.  I may or may not have taken 3-4 home after the shower ... I mean, I would have felt bad if they went to waste! ;)

Next came the gifts, SHOWERED with gifts.  So overwhelming and so fun seeing all of the miniature items.  That was one of my "bazinga" pregnancy moments. Yep, I just used the word BAZINGA - deal with it.
 The lovely hostesses had everyone bring sweet Baby U a book in lieu of a card {cutest idea ever by the way, if you're hosting a baby shower anytime soon}.  Everyone wrote the sweetest notes in the books and now little man seriously has an entire library of all kinds of great books, with personal messages included. He's gonna be so smart!

My mother-in-law and I rounded out the day by handing each of the hostesses a fabulous concocted hostess gift in true Bee fashion.  We worked on them for hours the week before, and were pretty happy with the way they turned out!

Each little basket included:
 2 bumblebee hand towels from a local little shop | Work the Metal
An adorable little bumblebee dip bowl and bumblebee spreader | Cartwheels
A delicious little jam or salsa jar | The Fresh Market

We filled them with goodies, extra tissue paper and crinkle paper for garnish.  Then wrapped them in love with shrink wrap and topped them off with adorable honeycomb and bumblebee ribbon {Shout out to Susan for finding the awesome ribbon, it was the PERFECT accessory!} and we even stuck a little baby bumblebee in the center of every bow :) Adorbs, if I must say so myself.

A Big, BIGGG thank you to all of those that helped to host the shower and all others in attendance.  Seriously, makes my heart smile!  Little man is coming into so much love.

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