Monday, April 29, 2013

SHOWERed with LOVE {pt. 2} & Oh Boy, a NAME reveal!

Oh Boy, I know I owe ya'll a recipe post today. But I'm just too excited and have other news to share - so let's just pretend this is the recipe for a great baby shower shall we?

Have I mentioned that I have the best friends in the entire world? If I haven't I'm doing ya'll a serious injustice - because they seriously are.  We're a close knit group of girls, sometimes a little too close for comfort with the amount of information we share with one another. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.
I know I've told ya'll about our infamous weekly gals nights (which I was actually "uninvited" to twice during the baby shower planning phases, because the gals turned gals night into crafting night :) hehe).  Thinking about gal's nights, I probably need to start sharing a little more on these - because they never seem to fail at generating great topics. Nevertheless, the gals successfully planned and orchestrated the very best baby shower known to man and have seriously outdone themselves this time.  I still can't fathom how incredibly perfect it was.

The shower invites alone were enough to let me know it was bound to be adorbs.

They ran full speed ahead with a "Little Gentleman" theme and incorporated adorable bow ties throughout the decor.  It was so stinkin' cute.  And again, such great attention to detail and crafting galore.  The party was so much fun.  We had a "real invite" gals shower during the day, and then all of our boys and Shane's buddies and their lady friends joined us for a cookout that evening.  It was an entire day surrounded by all of our besties.  It was so fun to gush baby deetz with everyone, and watch Shane's buddies come to one of their first "friend baby" events.  Their conversations and baby questions never fail to be hours of endless entertainment :)

Here are some of my fave photos from the day {thanks to Baili for capturing all the details!} ... Starting with the super cute bow tie wreath made by my gal pal Megan on the front door of our good pal's Chris and Laura's home ... the hostesses with the mostesses ... TRULY! They are the best.
 (BONUS: I got to keep the wreath! Yayyyy)

Bow Tie adorned Mason Jars (seriously, so cute) and a Mimosa Bar.  And they were even sweet enough to get me Alcohol Free Champagne, so I could play too :).  Side noteI was the bride who served all cocktails in mason jars at my wedding, so this was BEYOND the perfect fit.

They seriously did NOT miss a single detail.  Even Otis, Chris and Laura's pup, was sporting a bow tie!  Toooooo much!

Ridiculously adorable signs and crafts for all the tables and places around the house. Big shout out to Teddi and Quinn for the majority of the crafting, or so I am told.  I mean, are they talented or what?!
{Sweets, Bubbly, Gifts, you name it ... hint: the signs will be Lil' Man's name reveal!!}

The most delicious food and desserts. The cake was ... wait for it ... SNICKERDOODLE flavored. Yes, like the cookie. It was amazing and I want more. Right now. 

 And here they are in real life folks, Teddi Cakes. In all their glory. I had way too many than I care to admit, and even took some home. The things I would do to get my hands on that recipe.

 The gal's had everyone in attendance write sweet wishes for baby.  I then read these aloud before opening that person's gift.  Lots of giggles came out of this I can assure you :)

I was also gifted the incredible owl made of diapers, blankies, bibs and yep - BLUE DAISIES!  I mean, seriously, do these girls know me or what!!??!  Crafting props of this little fella go to Ms. Quinn of Quintessential.

Even the grand mommies were impressed :) Aren't they the cutest?!  My momma's on the left and Shane's momma is on the right. 


 Now, the one fail of the party? We completely forgot to get a group pic of the whole gang.  This picture was snapped late night, so at least we captured a few :( But fail on not getting a group gal pic.

Now, to be clear there were 14 "hosts" so how on earth is one supposed to adorn them with hostess gifts and not break the bank?!  I came up with a cute and relatively cheap idea that incorporated our girly nature with the Little Gentleman theme.  I sent all the gals home with a personalized goodie bag including springy polish, a nail file and a fun polish remover sheet. Just a little something to say thank you for all the hard work the gals had put in.

Okay, okay ... so are you ready for the name reveal?!  Here it is folks ... the definition of B.U.B.

We will soon be welcoming Bennett Bernard U to the clan!  Bernard is his daddy's middle name, and has been passed down from generation to generation, so our sweet little B is the next!  Bennett has always been one of our front runner faves and also conveniently incorporates some family ties as well.  Bennett was hub's grandmother's maiden name and my grandfather was Benjamin - so we successfully incorporated family history, which I LOVE.

Ahh, I can't wait to meet our little bean. And can't say thank you enough to all of our family and friends who SHOWERED us with Love.  Seriously lady pals, I love you with my whole heart and am so, so grateful for each and every one of you.


  1. Absolutely love everything about this!! How stinkin' adorable. AND I about drooled at the sight of that CAKE!!! Snickerdoodle is one of my absolute favorites!!!!

  2. I should have saved you a piece. Seriously - DELISH! I've got the contact info for the cake lady if you ever want it :)

  3. What a perfect baby shower! So exciting! And I love the name. Best of luck - you are almost there! Newest follower!

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, we're getting very very close!! Happy Mother's Day :)


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