Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jubilant Jammies

When I was pregnant people would always tell me, get as much sleep as you can now, because you won't get any once the baby is here. I used to get SO ANNOYED when people would say that ... like you can't "bank" sleep people. Gahhh ... new material PUHLEASE!

Yes, I do get less sleep now that little man is here. What were my routine weekend naps and occasional "I had a rough day" I'll just sleep it off after work catnaps are now basically non-existent.  And sleeping until 8:30am on a Saturday makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive.

Haha, it's really not that bad. And truth be told, Bennett is a ROCKSTAR sleeper, for realz.  But your routine does change. Anywhoodles, one day in the midst of a very sleepy eyed morning, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror ... HOLY HORROR. Hair matted to my head, leftover eyeliner running halfway down my face and my holey UK t-shirt I've had since 8th grade mixed with some over sized sweatpants and house slippers made for a real life Cinderella.  It was in that very moment, I decided it was time to invest in some real-life jammies.

Now that I am spending a generous amount of morning and evening hours awake with the wee one, I want to be comfortable.  My go-to was sweats and a tee. Now, don't get me wrong I will NEVER ever get rid of said attire, because there are certain days in life when that UK tee and my dad's old grey sweatpants are the only thing that can bring me comfort. However, for the mere sake of sparing my husbands eyes, I could probably try and spruce up the look when I am sporting my jammies for longer periods of time.

I purchased a couple of options from Target, but after I wore them once, they have remained in the drawers. I couldn't get into it. They weren't comfortable, or as comfortable as I wanted and I just couldn't make the switch from my beloved sleep tees.  But two weeks ago I ran into Vicky Secrets to redeem my free undies voucher I'd received in the mail, when my little hand happened to brush against PJ HEAVEN!
The Supersoft Sleepshirt - Body by Victoria Holy incredible. It embodied everything I was looking for: softness, cuteness, comfiness, perfect coverage, you name it - it had it. I am now OBSESSED and want more. It comes in 4 colors (I currently only have black) because $45 bone to spend on something I sleep in seemed steep. But I fully plan to request this for Christmas. And how cute would it be to add a little monogram as well? Gush.

Okay, I'm off to cuddle up in my bed, in my jubilant jammies and dream of a day that includes naps once again.

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