Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Final Touches

Ya'll we're getting really close to being a family of four. I'm talking like single digit weeks left. Holy moly.  It's time to get things moving. I got a phone call the other night that MaKenzie had everything on order and we were ready to go~EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

That + bedrest has left me with a bit of a panic that it's time to start nailing down the finishing touches. I've got all the big things, the furniture is in and assembled. The gender specific bedding, accents etc. are ordered and on their way. So that leaves my procrastination items and I think I'm close to rounding up my list. Here is everything I can currently think of that I need to secure in the coming weeks to finish the final touches for baby moon.
Final Touches

  1. The Curtains: Penny will be here this week to give Hubby and I an anniversary date night and we're gonna knock this one out. I'm loving the idea of picking a fun neutral fabric and adding little balled tassels on the ends. 
  2. The Lavender Rug / The Orange Rug: I've narrowed it to these two lovelies and placed my order thanks to awesome Labor Day Sales. Just hoping I love them in person as much as I do online. 
  3. A side table: I am LOVING this pedestal table from the RH Baby line. I definitely want a circular table and think this may be the one!
  4. The Halo Bassinet: I'm still undecided on this one - but I think I want it. It's got great reviews and looks so perfect for my C-section recovery. I'm really considering pulling the trigger. 
  5. The Diaper Genie: Duh! This was obviously a baby registry item that I need to purchase myself this time around. Must have.
  6. Graco Noise Machine: Sorry, Bennett's not ready to hand his down just yet. Baby moon is in need of his/her own. 
  7. Newborn Diapers: Gotta stock up on those teeny tiny little ones again! Thanks to Hub's diaper shower last go round, I don't think we every purchased diapers. But this time - time to hit up Costco!
  8. Soothies: Bennett lost interest in these types of pacis wayyy earlier than planned and MaKenzie's girls were still all about them (and she had three - HA!), so I gave her all of mine. Time to snag a few for that wittle nugget!
  9. Second Monitor Camera: Time to add more gadgets to our rooms! Luckily we've got a monitor that allows the addition of a second camera (up to 3 more!) so just need to purchase the camera for Moon's room. 

So there we have it.  Can you guys think of anything else I'm missing. I'm really missing my registry list right about now - and those "I loved this when I was a mom" gifts that I was so thankful for last time.  Because right now I'm staring at 9 things and about 9 weeks left. Maybe if I set out to purchase one item a week I'll actually be ready for this little one. Maybe. But I'm sure I'm forgetting something, sheesh :)
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