Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lainey Lou ~ Month 2

Here's our Lainey girl ... a whole two months old (1.1.16)

 She's starting to fill in a little more, and her personality shows more and more everyday.

 That smile! Oh my heart.

 And that tongue ... forever photo bombing.
 We love you pretty little!

Now, onto other info and more scenes from the past month...

How Big Are You?
  • Your 2 month check up was today and you're long and lean just like your big brother!
    • W: 9 pounds 14 ounces - 20%
    • H: 23.75 inches - 92% 
    • Head: 15.5 inches - 89%
What's Your Temperament?
  • Remember last month when I said "your temperament is great ... as long as you're being held ;)" ... well that still rings true sweet girl. You are quite demanding in the hold me category, and a bit bossy too. If someone isn't holding you the way you want, your speak up quick!
  • You're continuing to find your voice + learning to smile - our favorite!  
  • Your cry is starting to change from the newborn wimper to a real cry voice and girlfriend your pouty lip is the saddest ever, you've got us wrapped around your finger
  • Unfortunately a little bit of colic has made it's way into our house, and you have some serious gas pains. I hate it for you because you'll be so settled and then a big gas pain will hit and you wail. We're giving you some colic meds and trying our best to manage, but we'll be talking more the doc about it at our next visit. 
  • You're still a relatively noisy baby. You coo and kick and love to look at lights. And you're a noisy eater as well. And also a noisy sleeper, but you're stinkin cute :)
What Are You Eating?
  • You're still breastfed and you're eating about 2.5-3 ounces ... you're starting to go in longer stretches and getting closer to 3 hours each feed. 
  • You do NOT miss a meal. She be little but mighty :) you SCREAM when you are hungry. But if we try to feed you prior to screaming you don't really have an interest in it ... so that's fun. 
  • I'm trying to cut back breastfeeding a little bit so you're getting about two bottles of formula a day ... we'll work on that this month, because "big brudder" loves to feed you!
What Are you Sporting?
  • You're in #1 diapers and starting to have less blowouts thank goodness - so I think you're filling them out a bit better. 
  • You've officially graduated out of Newborn attire and are into 0-3 + 3 month items. We have SO many outfits to get through before you grow out of this stage! We'll be playing dress up A LOT this month. 
How Are You Sleeping?
  • Sleeping is finally getting a bit better, can a get a WAHOO?!?!?!?
  • You're still being swaddled in the Aden + Anais bamboo swaddles + seem to be doing great. I may try some of the swaddle-me's again later this month, but we'll see. 
  • You sleep 3 hour stretches and then need to be nursed and easily drift back off. Your first sleep session lasts about 4-5 hours and your momma is oh so proud. 
  • And for the most part you are officially out of my arms and into the bassinest and we are all singing your praises. And much happier too! 
  • This month we're going to transition some of your nap times to your crib + get you ready for your very own room in a month or two. Big stuff lil' lady!

Lainey Likes + Dislikes:
  • Dislikes:
    • You really only hate not being held. HATE it. If someone would hold you 100% of the time I don't think you'd ever be discontented. 
    • Gas pains :( 
  • Likes:
    • You like your Rock n' Play and prefer it over your other devices (swing, bouncy, etc)
    • Nursing or a bottle :)
    • Getting your nose "booped" - you smile almost every time
    • You like your Soothies pacifiers, but only when you're sleepy
    • You like white noise (the same mountain river sound as your big brother).
    • You like your Baby K'tan carrier. 
    • Laying on your back + being held upright, head over the shoulder
    • Bath time
Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Lainey Quirks + Milestones:
  • You're starting to genuinely smile and we LOVE it
  •  You celebrated Christmas + New Years
  •  We've started rocking adorable hair bows
  • You met the fabulous lady that you were named after, Elaine!  
  • You got doted on all Christmas by everyone and you loved every minute of it!
And that's a little round up of your second month!  Love ya monkey.
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