Friday, March 25, 2016

Confessional Friday: Easter Edition

Whew it's Friday. I'm not quite sure how, but I managed to survive this week. It's been a heavy week around here. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. I plan to share everything when we've got the bulk of it behind us, but for now I'm still processing most of it internally ... so I've decided to wait to share with the interwebs until I've fully grasped what's happening myself.  So I pre-apologize for the vague-ness that is some of this post, but promise to update you soon and it WILL BE WITH GOOD NEWS + HAPPINESS.  But if you've got an extra prayer to lend I could use it!

In the midst of the madness I do have some confessions to share, and thought I'd pop in to let you know what's on my mind. So here we are with some serious confessions today. And linking up with these ladies to reach out to everyone and send happy Easter thoughts into your world!

I confess ... I have been an emotional mess this week and it has taught me a lot about myself, a lot about my family and a lot about my friends. I've got a good group of people around me and I'm confessing today as my husband keeps reiterating "Not that I needed a reminder"...but I love the people in my life. I'm thankful for each of you and your support. Many have gone out of their way to ensure I feel their love from both near and far and it means the world to me.

I confess ... I needed a distraction so we decided now was as good of time as any to start potty training Bennett. We're on day two and we've had a lot of accidents. We've had some success and lots of stickers on his potty chart as well. He currently is not anywhere close to mastering it, but it's happening. It's all happening. With a side of poop on the floor to go with it < insert Monkey Covering Eyes emoji here >. I've been taking internet approved photos throughout and plan to share that recap with you soon.

I confess ... It's Easter this weekend and it couldn't be coming at a better time for me. I'm beyond ready to shout Hallelujah this Sunday and praise Him.

I confess ... Speaking of Easter makes me think of these little Easter pics I took of my kiddos in the midst of some Easter mini sessions and they're making my heart happy.

I confess ... Bennett asked the Easter Bunny for a chocolate chip cookie in his Easter basket and I'm really struggling with how to handle that. Do I buy him a package of the chocolate chip cookies I often keep in in the cookie jar and give him the entire package? Do I bake homemade chocolate chippers? Do I pick him up a single chocolate chip cookie from a bakery? Do I get him a chocolate chip cookie cake from Great American Cookie Co.? What is the kid imagining when he says "Da Easter Bunny is going to bring me a chocwate chip cookie?!" I am seriously having a mental breakdown in fear I may crush his dreams! #momproblems #easterbunnywoes

I confess ... I was looking through past Easter Posts and geeze, Easter is fun around here. Take a stroll through some of the oldies if you've got a minute. They're cute and there aren't that many.

I confess ... I think my Tervis Tumbler water bottle is on it's last leg because it's starting to leak and I'm really sad about it. It gets knocked over 20 times a day and it's definitely showing signs of wear and tear, but I've had it for so long and I really love it. A replacement bottle just won't be the same. Sigh...

I confess ... I made homemade chicken wings last night for dinner and they were BOMB. Legit good and I was so proud of myself. Do you guys ever get so excited when you nail a recipe without even trying? I tried the fry then bake method and boom-shock-a-laka they were tasty.

I confess ... Am I super late to the Parenthood train? I've just started watching it and am OBSESSED. It is so good. It's a great feel good show, while also tackling real life parenting conversations I have with myself frequently. I feel like I heard a long time ago on the rumor mill that it gets sad though. Please someone tell me that's not true?!

I confess ... In addition to Bennett's chocolate chip cookie, he will also be getting some games and I'm not sure who will be most excited, him or me? He's getting to the age where he genuinely likes to play games and for the most part understands the concepts - so it's getting fun to play. Match cards is our current favorite, but I'm looking forward to adding some new ones to the rotation. Any momma's out there that have any great tips on which board games toddlers love?  I'm wondering if he's getting old enough for Candyland or Chutes and Ladders? Those were always my fave as a kid.

I confess ... I've always been a bagel and cream cheese lover and this place opened up just down the street from us and I tried it today and I think it's going to be very bad news for the summer diet. It's called Proper Bagel and if you are in Nashville do yourself a favor and plan to have breakfast/lunch/or brunch there. It's right across from Belmost college and super close to Hillsboro Village and I promise you'll be happy you stopped in.

And that's about all I've got today folks. Wishing you the happiest Easter weekend ever. Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!

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  1. Pop the Pig and Don't Wake Daddy are good games for little ones! Hope everything works out for you! Happy Easter!!!

  2. I love reading your blog in conjunction with seeing your snap stories! :) Hope all is well! Since I'm back on Blogger now instead of Wordpress, I hope to keep up with your posts more!

    p.s. Those pics you took of the kiddos are GORGEOUS!


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