Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Front Door Decor

After the Christmas decor came down in December my front doors were looking bare and sad.  In fact, after Christmas decor comes down I feel like my whole house looks bare and sad. And I struggle with that until March rolls around and I can start looking at the "de-clutterization" as spring cleaning :) But the one piece I refused to let remain bare was my front doors. They needed something and I was determined to get something up there that was a good winter look that could transition into early spring. I'll likely replace them at the start of summer, but maybe I won't. Sue me. 

It's no secret that I have a thing for the vine leaf wreaths, but after I refurbished the spring ones to become fall wreaths last year - my old wreaths were on their last leg and well... I needed to start fresh. 
Fortunately for me, I had a free Saturday afternoon so I decided I'd remedy that situation. So I made a quick trip to Michael's and gathered a bunch of supplies.
  • Two grape leaf wreaths
  • Cream and tan colored burlap ribbon
  • Twiggy fixin's
  • Fun flower things
  • Jute string
  • Two U's (which I later replaced with ones I purchased from an Etsy shop)
Then I got to work. A little bit of bunching.
A little bit of tying.
More bunching.
More tying.
A little fluffing.
A little Blue Moon ;)
Repeat and add fun flower thingies.

Then add some fun twiggy thingies.
Then tie on the U's.
Hate the U's and replace them.
Voila! No more bare doors + I like these enough to last for a little bit :) Hubby is finally home. WAHOOOO!
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  1. I like the decor you made for your front door. I think you could use the wreaths as decor for both spring and fall. The twigs and burlap make me think of the fall season, and the flowers are perfect for the spring season. I would love to see the front door decor you have made for the summer and winter seasons.


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