Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Recap Rewind ~ HE LIVES

We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song! Our family had an AMAZING Easter weekend and it was good for my soul. Jesus promised us he would rise and he did, he lives and starts a new beginning for us all. On top of a fabulous Sermon at church and the feel good"ness" of the weekend, we indulged in all things Easter and one another and we're thankful for the time together. Here's a photo overload of our second Nashville Easter!

Saturday we woke up and headed to Cheekwood for the annual Spring Art-Hop. The weather was great, the food trucks were amazing, the tulips were beautiful, the kids were in good moods, and the bunnies and egg hunts made for special fun!

Bennett couldn't wait to tear into the egg hunt!

 Lainey wanted to hold his basket too, just as a warm up for more competition next year.
 I'm so lucky I get to call them mine.
 After our big egg hunt, we indulged in some games and some lunch.

 Potato Sack races weren't our best showcase of athletic ability.
 But racing was a different story, however Bennett has yet to understand that he should maybe let his girlfriends win a few (wink).

 After naps, we set up shop in the front driveway for a little scenery change vs our usual backyard hang out and dyed Easter eggs. If you asked Bennett what we did, he would inform you we spent the night "driving eggs", which in my opinion sounds like a lot more fun. But, I haven't yet figured out how one actually does that.
Bennett got thirsty waiting for the color pellets to dissolve and decided to drink like Maggie - because he's two and that's awesome.
 And then we got right to whipping up them pretty colors.
 Deez babiez make me smile.
 His first egg is complete!

 And daddy made one to match his awesome outfit :)

 Then we indulged in our second (which turned into our seventh) egg hunt of the day, while we waited for our eggs to soak up some color and dry.
 And then we marveled at our pretties!
 It was such a good day. We got ready for bed and eagerly awaited the Easter Bunny. Scratch that, the moment we mentioned the Easter Bunny was coming sheer panic set in and the tears began. "I don't want the Easter Bunny to come inside Mommy!" Bless his sweet heart. So we agreed to put a note on the door instructing the Easter Bunny to leave our goodies on the porch and not enter our house. Mommy wrote it and Bennett signed, sealed and delivered.

 After the Beebster was tucked in bed, confident the Easter Bunny would remain on his turf and not encroach on ours we could breathe a little easier and I got to assembling the kiddos baskets. Starting with these ADORABLE monogrammed jelly-cat bunnies from Peek-a-Whoo. They have the cutest little animals (not just bunnies) and make great gifts all year round.

 And the dreaded "Chocwate Chip Cookie" request I mentioned Friday.  I decided to go with Great American Cookies, because they are delicious. And when I got there, I couldn't decide between the Bunny cutout cookie or the regular, so I splurged and got both. And it DID NOT disappoint.  We filmed our Easter baskets vs taking pictures, but Bennett's reaction was everything and more. And for the record, he ate the bunny cookie first.
 Lainey got a basket of baby food, diapers and pacis :)
 And that sneaky Easter Bunny left some fun surprises for mommy and daddy too. Hehe.
 So, I said that Bennett went to bed confident. But, I lied. Two hours later and three visits to his room he was still laying in bed eyes WIDE open staring at the monitor, terrified of the Easter Bunny. So, we caved and let Bennett sleep in our bed. That snugly little bunny.
 And then we got up and found our baskets and giggled a bit before heading to church to sing about Jesus!

 And the Jelly-cat bunnies did not disappoint either.
 And then we cleaned up and headed to praise His name.

After church we headed to brunch with some friends and then brought the whole gang back to our house and had a fun night of chatting, games and hilarious take out with family and friends. It was a good Easter weekend indeed. And most importantly, HE LIVES!
Have a great week friends!
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