Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Toddler Talk ... Chapter III

Man it's been way longer than I thought since I've updated ya'll on Toddler Talk! And reading back through the first two, B's vocabulary has come a long way!

To see how far we've come, you can check out our first chapter here and our second chapter here.

These days, Toddler Talk is much more about phrases where our last two chapters were more word based. But either way, I could listen to his sweet voice almost all the time. And let's be honest ... I do. This kid is a TALKER. Like the most inquisitive little mister that ever was. Always wanting to know where we're going, which way we're turning, what we're doing, what YOUR doing :), what we're eating, what's that called ... Always wanting to know! So, here are some of our current favorites:

Bennett 2.5 year old Toddler Talk
  1. Mahy [pn. MAH-EE]
    • Pronoun
      • Mommy
    • Examples
      • I should preface this by saying, Bennett is fully capable of saying Mommy. However, he gets really excited and sometimes talks really fast and therefore 90% of time I am not Mommy, but rather Mahy. 
      • When he is simply saying my name I'm Mommy, but when it's in a sentence is when I become a different person. "Where you goin Mahy?" (and yes it's always 'Where you?')
  2. Pickups [n. Pick-Ups]
    • noun
      • Hiccups
    • Examples
      • I got da pickups!
  3. Gouch [pn. GOUCH]
    • Pronoun
      • Oscar the Grouch
    • Examples
      • We use Pampers diapers that have the Sesame Street characters on them and Bennett always wants to know "what you gonna put on me" and when the green monster with the trashcan head comes up - he shrieks - the GOUCH!
  4. Grunch [pn. GRUNCH}
    • Pronoun
      • The Grinch Stole Christmas
  5. Wainey-Woo [pn. Wainey-Woo]
    • Pronoun
      • Lainey Lou
    • When Lainey is having a meltdown Hubs and I often catch ourselves saying "Lainey Lou it's okay sweet girl" and Bennett is following suit. Only he says it all the time in a sing-song manner ... Waineyyyyyy Wooooo!
  6. Brudder [n. brudder]
    • Noun
      • Brother
    • He loves to tell you he's a good Big Brudder! (and indeed he is!)

And this one, well it doesn't really get it's own letter or reference - because that would make it seem like it simply one of the others and it is much more important than that. But it NEEDS/MUST be noted that Bennett also always says Humpty Dumpty. My child has a real life obsession with Humpty Dumpty. We recite the nursery rhyme no less than 100 times a day. We search YouTube videos of Humpty and watch them whenever we are allowed to have the iPad. We have a new love for a TV show, Goldie + Bear, that features the Humpty Dumpty character. And simply acting out Humpty Dumpty on any "safe" surface (read that as every wall, chair, ottoman in existence) with dramatic arm flares and the whole to-do. Bennett says Humpty Dumpty. A. Lot. 
So there you have it ... our little guy went from calling a cookie a cah-cow to flat out telling us stories in no time. Can't even handle how big he's getting! But watching him grow up sure is fun!

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