Friday, December 19, 2014

Toddler Talk - Chapter 1

Sir Baby Bennett is no longer baby babbling away, but rather toddler talking. From the most hilarious renditions of a story he is certain he is telling (which I can assure you could only be understood if you speak Mandarin) to simple one word repeats of whatever he hears, he is always keeping us thoroughly entertained and ALWAYS ALWAYS talking.

I decided to keep a list of funny Bennett-isms as they unfold and today I wanted to share that list with you. Bennett is saying PLENTY of words, and most of them sound like what they actually are and/or are easily understood. However, here are some of our favorites that may be a little more coded.

Bennett 17.5 Month Toddler Talk - Chapter 1. 

  1. WORD [n. fill in]
    • noun
      • fill in
    • Examples
      • fill in
  2. Pippy [n. pip-ee; Bennett terms: PIP-EEEEEEEEEEE (squeal)]
    • noun
      • Airplane
      • See also, the most miserable travel duration for Bennett's parents
    • Examples
      • Waiting on runway for airplane to take off - Bennett looks outside window to see other airplanes waiting to take off/landing/taxing - (high pitched squeal) "PIPPYYYY!!!!!!!" "DADA PIPPPYYYY" "PIPPYYYY!!!!!!!" - repeat 100 times
  3. Caccow [n. cah-cow]
    • noun
      • Cookie
      • See also, the only thing Bennett will eat
    • Examples
      • Repeatedly runs himself into pantry doors, screaming "CACCOW" until treat is received
      • Receives cookie/crackers, etc boyishly grins, tucks in teeth and runs away ... taunting Maggie
  4. Mo [n. moh]
    • noun/Pro-noun
      • Maggie (our dog)
      • See also, every dog in the universe
    • Examples
      • We pull into driveway, Bennett excitedly says "Hi Mo!"
      • Bennett wakes up in the morning/walks downstairs - see Maggie - "Hi Mo!"
      • We're on walk in neighborhood, neighbor is walking their dog - "Hi Mo!"
      • We're shopping for birthday cards, card has clever dog on front - Bennett points: "Hi Mo!"
  5. Coocoo [n. koo-koo]
    • noun
      • Clock
      • See also, his way of saying hello to PaPaw and GoGo while on face-time
    • Examples
      • My parents have a Cuckoo Clock and they wind the hands so the birdie will come out to say his magical "Coo Coo" so Bennett can sing and dance, alas - Every clock we see = COO COO
  6. Bagh [n. bah]
    • noun
      • Basement
    • Examples
      • Bennett stands at top of stairs and points while repeatedly screaming "Bah" and insists we change scenery to go downstairs and play with another set of toys
  7. Propel [n. pro-pel]
    • noun
      • Pretzel
    • Examples
      • See number 3 above ... this is plan B with the cahcow fails.
  8. Bay [n. bay]
    • noun
      • Baby
    • Examples
      • Every stroller we see is holding a baby. Bennett politely waves, "Hi BAY!" -- you'd think he was Beyonce or something :)
  9. Hot Dog [n. hot dawg; Bennett terms: hawt dah]
    • noun
      • Mickey Mouse
      • See also, something Bennett eats for lunch
    • Examples
      • I turn on TV - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is screening - Bennett points and yells "HOT DAH!"
      • We get into car, Bennett sees iPad (where Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows are pre-downloaded) - Bennett points to iPad and growls "HOT DAH!"
      • Bennett sees TV remote - points at TV - screams "Hot DOG!" - insisting I turn on Mickey Mouse clubhouse
I can't wait for Chapter 2, in hopes we can begin to add full sentences :)  Until next time, see ya real soon!
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