Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New York City ~ Part 2

Hey there gang! Back again today with the second part of our New York recap ~ aka ~ family photo overload! In case you missed it ... you can catch up on part 1 of our time in the big Apple here!

Turkey day had finally arrived and it was time for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! It was the 90th year and so special. I'll never forget the first time Bennett saw the big floats, and watching Lainey light up with delight this year was just as special!

I've been going since I was a little tyke and it doesn't matter how many times I go … I'm still amazed every year by how big the balloons are.

 I love this picture!
When the parade was over, we headed to Central Park to let little man climb the big rocks. He was so amazed by how big they were and had so much fun. It was a great way to burn off some energy!

 And little miss was just happy to be included, as always.

We spied Santa in the park and Bennett was in AWE! He couldn't wait to sit on his lap and when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas he replied, "a blue yoyo" … Santa said, "is that all you want?!" and our sweet little B said yes sir! I have a feeling little man will have a blue yoyo come Christmas day. Be still my heart. (Lainey on the other hand was not a fan!)
Further into the park we spotted Big Bird and Cookie Monster and of course had to chat with them too.
We took the long walk home and Hubs and I posed for a pic in front of the Plaza Hotel, because it so beautiful always but even more so decorated for Christmas.
 We made our way back to the hotel, put the littles down for a nap and this little man woke up happy as can be as requested a giant bowl of strawberries! And in the spirit of Thanksgiving (and room service) little man got exactly what he wished for.
 We got the kiddos cleaned up and little miss Lou out on her fancy coat and was so impressed with herself. The cutest dang thing I ever did see.
 We walked to Thanksgiving Dinner at on of our favorite spots, The View in the Marriott Marquis.

 And it's probably worth mentioning if you didn't notice already, Lainey and I had matching fuzzy coats.

 We attempted an epic selfie in the super fast and tall elevator … but #Fail.
 Our tables for dinner!

The restaurant rotates during your meal and this is the view of everything you see. It's a really magical little gem right in the heart of Times Square.
Lainey obviously loved the holiday because it surrounded her favorite thing, food.
This little guy however ….
He enjoyed that he was allowed to play with his iPad :) because he never eats … and fancy dinners are hard on littles.
 But they did great, and we left with full bellies and full hearts.
 My heart.

 We slept in a bit on Friday and then crossed the Brooklyn Bridge for a family photo session. My father turned 60 this year, so my brothers and I gifted him a family photo session in one of our favorite cities celebrating a tradition he and my mom have blessed us with year after year. Josefin Walden Photography handled the session and while I've only seen some back of the camera shots, I'm so excited to get them back!

 We snagged some yummy pizza at the famous Grimaldi's before the session.

And then we headed around the Dumbo/Brooklyn area for some awesome shots and beautiful skyline views.

 Behind the Scenes … These two … all the heart eyes.
Daughter love...

 Son and Daddy love …
 All the family love!
 And because the kids were EXCELLENT (well as excellent as they possibly could be) … we rewarded them with the famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory as a sweet treat to cap off the shoot.

And then GoGo and Papaw were on baby duty for the night and all the siblings headed out to explore Williamsburg for the evening. Happy momma!
 Happy Hubby!
 So fun!
 We bar and restaurant hopped for way too long.

 And ended (as a group) at the Westlight rooftop bar atop the William Vale hotel in Brooklyn that has one of the most epic views of the city I've ever seen.

And then, per tradition … Hubs and I had a late night dinner at our favorite place 6 years running, Scarpetta. The best spaghetti in the whole wide world.

 Signing off until the finale post of NYC! Cheers!

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