Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bohemian Birthday

Our entire family took a recent trip to the Abacos - An Island cluster in the Bahamas. We celebrated Bennett's birthday, summer and family. It's always better in the Bahamas!

We went bone fishing and wore matching shirts, because duh.
 My older brother and his wifey.
 Feeding the birdies.
 Throwing rocks and looking for fishies on the dock.
 Being adorable.
 Being more adorable.
 Ugh, and adorable again.
 Sigh ... adorable.
 Being pregnant with baby moon.
 Being a family of three on one of our final vacations before the baby arrives.
 Loving on the little we're anxiously awaiting.
 My cousin and his wifey.
 Eating our birthday cupcakes before they bake.
 And decorating them after.
 Blowing out our birthday candle.
 And eating our cupcakes after they bake.
 Relishing our two year old!
 Opening prezzies!
 Feeling the love!
Spear fishing for lobster. 
Beachin it ... snaked!
 Smoochin' daddy.
 And loving life!

Really, really loving it!

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