Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall and Football.

It's almost here!
My absolute favorite time of year in the bluegrass. So much to look forward to and so much to do! Amidst the almost PERFECT weather and my FAVORITE wardrobe, fall fashion, and BOOTS it's hard to not be excited!  The food, the colors, the events, eek too much for me to handle.  Not to mention, throw in my birthday and our anniversary and things are pure bliss.  I made a bucket list for our little family to check off this fall and I'm ready to tackle the season head on.
One of my all time favorite quotes. So perfect. 

Speaking of tackle, is there anyone out there who doesn't love football season?  Don't get me wrong, knowing that my TV will be screening only sports center 24/7 does get a little old ... but tailgating, Saturday cookouts and road trips to Cincinnati for Bengals games has me super pumped!

We kicked off the college football season this past weekend, with an on screen viewing of my beloved CAYUTS vs WKU while we lived it up at the lake.  And I still love them no matter the outcome :(  University of Kentucky, you will always have my heart.

Then we headed home Sunday morning to enjoy the UofL game so hubs could see his team stomp Ohio in the 2013 season opener.  Woohoo, we can already check "Bennett's First Football Game" off the fall bucket list!  I couldn't bring myself to put our son in that red garbage, so I made Shane dress him. I just feel so guilty since he's not able to make his own outfit decisions yet :) hehe.
Oh man, tailgating and cookouts have my cooking brain a spinning. It's time to start scouring new dip recipes to bring to the games.  
Yes. I love it. 
Welcome Fall, welcome.

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