Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gettin' Leafy Wreath It

Yep, it's a horrible attempt at a play on words, you caught me. 
"Getting Leafy Wreath It" ... "Gettin Jiggy With It" ... get it? 
No? Okay, great because I really don't either, but I'm all jazzed because my crafty skills just repurposed a wreath. And that means not only did I save mucho dinero, but I also have new door decor! Yipppeeee. I'm so domestic!

Alright, so do you remember this adorable little bowtie wreath from my Little Gentleman's Shower my gal pals threw me? 
Yes, adorable I know. My pal Megan made it for me ... and speaking of that she's started an adorable little Etsy Shop called Crafts Galore by Megan that is totes worth checking out if you're in the market for other adorable door decor.

 Well anyway, after BUB came home and I finally took the "It's a Boy!" thingie-mah-jig off the front door I had to replace it with something and I wasn't quite ready to throw in the towel on the whole baby theme just yet. So, I popped up the fancy bowtie wreath and it's been charming our entry way for nearly 2 months.

However, today I decided it was time to bust out the fall decor and I was stumped when it came to the new door decoration.  I swear I had a cute wreath I used to put up for fall ... it was one of those viney looking ones and I would always add a scarecrow I had or something, but I've already repurposed that wreath for another permanent decoration in our formal living room ... so I was left with nothing. 
After I got all of the decorations up in the house I had 2 bundles of leaves from Michael's left over and thought I'd add them to the bowtie wreath and see where it took me.  And it took me on a one way street to a beloved fall wreath I tell ya!

I'd share a tutorial, but in all honesty I didn't do anything other than remove the bowties and randomly stick the leaf bunches in the wreath and add a pre-made welcome sign (also from Michael's).  So here it is ... whaddya think? 
Not to shabby eh? And even better news ... I think that green burlap ribbon piece (which is nearly permanent) will parlay perfectly into Christmas colors as well ... so we may have another repurposing job on our hands!

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