Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

I'm officially "back to work" all cozied up in my home office. Baby free for the moment thanks to Bennett's sweet grandparents. Sipping on my 2nd pot of coffee. Rocking my pjs until wayyy too late in the afternoon. I have 3 computer monitors with no less than 30 tabs open on each screen.  Working consistently on cabinet concepts, social media, rebranding efforts, organization of a massive server mess, accessing new emails and confirming existing accounts. You name it, it's happening. And I've hit the point where my thoughts on everything are just ...
For lunch I had a hard-boiled egg, some of Maggie's carrots and a few cucumber slices because I'm too lazy to make anything other than another cup of joe...I realize this does not count for a real lunch and therefore will be grazing the fridge for the rest of the afternoon. I may or may not have also thrown in a fun sized Twix, but I'll let you decide if I had one or three. 

So, while IT is currently overtaking my computer and using some crazy remote access to see what in the bananas is going on to why I am unable to access all of my server and email business via my work computer (which for the record I find amazing, I literally have zero access to anything I need to work on right now, and someone who is miles away is able to login to my computer and fix the problem and I am sitting here with what seems to be watching my screen magically open/close/reopen windows until it fixes itself .. technology is so cool!)  Anywhoodles, I'm running through everything that needs to happen in my personal life and thought I'd share ... for no reason other than I have no one to whine to, and I don't feel like writing it in my planner so if I make a blog post out of it and share it with the world, perhaps it'll be just the swift kick I need to get em' complete!

I need to pick up my trays from the dentist, that have been waiting on me for nearly 3 weeks now. I need to order the plaque for the chili cook-off trophy for the family competition ... in addition hubs and I are on this crazy eating regimen that makes normal cooking and eating impossible, so I am constantly faced with trying to throw together a gourmet meal in the matter of minutes, all while enjoying it and keeping the household running smoothly ... that shouldn't be too hard right?
I've got to finish a small project and plan Bennett's baptism because class is now finished and it appears we're already behind the ball. I've got to get rocking on the decor and shenanigans of this shower I'm hosting in a couple of weeks. My house is is DESPERATE need of being cleaned, but I've already decided that will have to wait for another day week. Bennett's Halloween costume came in, but there is still much to be done in regards to the additional parts that need to be created ... which will likely involve at least 3 trips to the thrift and craft stores .. and Halloween is tomorrow, PERFECT. I've got to complete my dad's Bengal's cooler before next week's game or what on earth will they use for their tailgate?

We need to find someone to come chop this beautiful piece of furniture in half so we can get it downstairs because I am DETERMINED this will go into our basement, and I want it complete before our entire family is here next weekend. I need to purchase numerous shower, wedding and birthday gifts ASAP as I am getting dangerously close to that one year rule. I need to get a new chair for my at home office before my back gives out on me while I continue to sit on this piece of metal that is breaking my spine. And I am also supposed to be placing some other orders that for the time being I just don't have time to talk about. 

Okay, email is dinging, I just glanced once again at my massive work to-do list before little man comes back home today and the coffee pot is buzzing. Lunch break and blog whining are over. Back to work!

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