Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baili's Ingredients to BEAUTIMOUS

The first gal pal sharing with you her favorite beauty products is my dear friend Baili.  I think I have described Baili before as the mom of our group.  She's the one who keeps us all in line and keeps everything together. She is the key to the kingdom when it comes to organizing events, gals nights, and any other detail that needs a close eye.  She is a lover of the lake and we share one too many happy place memories there. Baili is the gal who will be a bridesmaid in every wedding from now until the year 2090 because she's that good of a friend. She also has one of my favorite alter-party ego's {Madtard} - but we'll spare those stories for a later post :P ... hehee!
So, like I mentioned yesterday, I had each gal send me a list with their descriptions and links to their favorite products. I put together their "favorite things" collage (to make all of the posts look the same) but from here on out - Miss Baili has the floor.  So here she is ladies and gents:

  1. Mia Clarisonic
    • Seriously my one and only true love when it comes to my skin care and beauty regimen.  Not joking when I say it has changed my skin. I honestly don’t feel like my face gets truly clean unless I use it. I just pump some Cetaphil on the brush head and get down to work! I have the Mia version, which seems to be the most affordable one. Not sure what the difference is between the others, since the brush heads are all interchangeable, you can really get whichever brush is best for your skin type. Be sure to order those off Amazon though, much much cheaper!
  2. Mint Julep Masque
    • I use this mask every Thursday so prep my skin for the weekend. It will clear up any blemish and leaving your skin feeling taut and smooth. Doesn’t hurt its called Mint Julep, a little nod to my Derby City!
  3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer
    • This is a great NATURAL looking bronzer that’s not too orangey and lasts a relatively long time. I’m also a sucker for Benefit’s cute packaging! Check out their other bronzer names.. .too fun!
  4. Cetaphil
    • I buy this thing by the industrial vat, seriously it’s that good! It’s gentle but gets the job done. There are a few different versions as far as skin type. You can pick it up at your local drugstore.
  5. Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer
    • The only tinted moisturizer I keep going back to. I’ve tried the BB creams and other tinted moisturizers but those tend to be a little too thick and make-upy for me. Since I don’t use a foundation I really like to just have a little coverage and a moisturizer all in one.
  6. Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette/ NakedPalette
    • I went crazy for the Naked palette when it came out. It was nice to be able to try out colors I wouldn’t normally buy. Once those began to run out I discovered that Urban Decay has a ‘create your own’ palette option where you can pick 4 of your favorite colors in the regular size and pop them in yourself! I think it actually comes with one already in there. Such a deal at $18. The full size shadows are $18 themselves.  Also, Sephora is 8% cash back on Ebates right now!
    • On another note, if you don’t have Ebates you’re missing the boat! You basically get money for shopping online—seriously that easy. Each online store that participates has a different %  of money back  on orders. Ebates will send you your earnings quarterly.

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