Thursday, March 21, 2013

Teddi's Ingredients to BEAUTIMOUS

Ladies and gents, meet our little southern Tennessee belle, Teddi.  Ted  moved to Louisville 2-3 years ago and pretty much became an immediate addition to our group of gals.  She fit in just perfectly! Yes, Teddi is her real name. No it is not short for anything and yes we are all aware of how cool that is.  She's the go to crafting gal and you might as well just call her Betty Crocker ... Girl can bake y'all. And I don't mean add a few chocolate chips to something and call it baking.  I mean homemade, from scratch goodness that tastes better than yo' mammas.  I'm still holding out for her mamma's secret recipe on Teddi cakes (they are these amazing little butter mini cakes coated in a sugary cinnamon topping - TO.DIE.FOR.), but we'll leave some of my copy cat attempt recipes for another post on a Recipe Monday review. Anyways, as long as she's not in that blinding orange color, I got much love for the gal!

Now begins my broken record intro for the week:  y'all should know the routine by now but if not, I had each gal send me a list with their descriptions and links to their favorite products. I put together their "favorite things" collage (to make all of the posts look the same) but from here on out - Tennessee Teddi is Talkin':
  1. Eye Makeup Remover by Almay: Eye Make-up Remover Pads.
    • These are not oily but they don't burn. Conveniently packaged and even come in a tiny travel size (15 pads!) that is perfect to toss in your bag on the run.
  2. Soft Lips Lip Balm in Vanilla 
    • Lip Chap for your crusty crusts. Also perfect to accent your Cupid's bow (on your top lip). Perfect to keep handy to keep your lips looking fresh and natural!
  3. Highlighter by theBalm Cosmetics: Mary-Lou Manizer
    • Great for contouring cheeks and giving just the right glow! 
  4. Moisturizer by Willa Naturals: Face Friendly Clear Face Moisturizer.
    • Keeps face moisturized but is lightweight and doesn't feel heavy or sticky on your face.
  5. Primer/Balm by Benefit: POREfessional.
    • Lightweight "balm" to put on right after moisturizing. It minimizes the appearance of pores and makes the rest of your makeup routine look flawless! Perfect with just Hoola swiped on top for an effortless perfect skin look.
  6. Face wipes by Yes To: Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes.
    • Full of vitamin C, fresh scent, doesn't dry your skin out, and it lightly exfoliates! What more could a gal want before bedtime? :)

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