Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Laura's Ingredients to BEAUTIMOUS

Today's guest bringing you their favorite things is my great pal, Laura.  Some know her as Bop ... or Baby Bop ... because let's face it, in high school we realized she looks like a baby dinosaur (but an oh so cute one!).  Laura and I met in high school because our last names were next to one another in the alphabet, so we were always seated by each other. Our lives have continued to mesh well into adulthood because we seem to be on a similar track. Although, she could speed up the pregnancy part and I wouldn't hold it against her :0)  I love the gal, she's real real great.

Alright so you should know the routine by now but if not, I had each gal send me a list with their descriptions and links to their favorite products. I put together their "favorite things" collage (to make all of the posts look the same) but from here on out - Lil Laura has the floor... :

First things first, I'm a review-reading junkie. I read and I read and I read until I decide to probably not purchase. I could give you the statistical average on reviews of millions of products that I've never owned, nor seen in real life. Stupid, I know. It's a guilty pleasure. Few products make the cut for me and you can bet that all of mine are tried and true. The real deal. While they may not be groundbreaking, they work for me and have become lifetime faves. Take a peek!

  1. Benefit Coralista blush 
    • I love the color. I love the brush. I love the smell. I love Benefit. Win-win-win-win. And actually while I'm at it, I love this whole set (1b)  
  2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 
    • I have brutally tangly hair. It used to take my hairdresser 30 minutes to comb it out. I've been known to use Johnson's No More Tangles up until about age 22. It's bad. But this stuff helps immensely. I use it once a week to keep my hair soft and tangle free. It's cheap and smells like a dream.
  3. Oscar Blandi Texture & Volume Spray 
    • I was certainly skeptical of this product, but it does wonders for my hair. The perfect pick me up. It adds a little texture and va-va-voom to dull hair. Bonus: It also adds a little life to hair on those days that you forget to wash. Major plus for this girl.
  4. Sebastian Shaper Plus Hair Spray 
    • This has been a staple in my life for about 10 years. It's the most perfect hairspray out there - great hold, not sticky or heavy. I blame all of my bad hair days in the past year on the fact that they discontinued it. I've been through countless hairsprays since and nothing compares. But I'm happy to report it's back!  I'll be purchasing 10 bottles to avoid any mishaps in the future.
    • Hi! Katie here -- I wanted to pop in and mention ... this girl knows hairspray and I've got the photo to prove it, so I'd recommend taking her up on this advice ... too good not to share. Now, carry on Laura...
  1. theBalm Stainiac Lip Stain in Beauty Queen 
    • This one's a stain, so not moisturizing, but you'll never know it's on your lips. No icky lipstick or lip gloss texture and it lasts all day.
  2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 
    • Finally! The foundation product I've always wanted. It's super light, but with great coverage. So easy to apply. And SPF included! This is something I probably read 600 reviews on and am so happy that I purchased. I'll use it for the rest of my life.
  3. Sugar Lips in Rose 
    • Probably my very top product. It's super soft & moisturizing like your favorite chapstick, with a pop of the most perfect color. The color of your lips, but a little better.  

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