Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bohemian Surprise

Last week the hubs and I pulled off a fabulous surprise, and I can't wait to tell you all about it. But, I feel this story needs a little disclaimer before I get started...

So, about a year and a half ago my dad made the big time decision to sell his 20 year business he'd started from the ground up.  The decision was a bit earth shattering to all of us, as imagining my father "semi-retired" seemed like the farthest thing from POSSIBLE. Much less the thought of someone else taking over the business that had been so integrated into our lives seemed so amazingly foreign.  Nevertheless, he had prayed about it long and hard and had made the decision it was the right thing to do.  So as a family, we moved forward and let it happen.  The transition took time and many things had to fall into place before he was able to actually enjoy the fruits of his labor ... but the time has finally come.  Hard work pays off and good ole DAD is finally (well for the most part) UNPLUG and enjoy everything he has worked so hard for.

Dad's always been a lover of the islands and more so ... FISHING. But not your average ole run of the mill grab a pole and head to a lake fishing. Nope, dad yearns for the Game Fishing. The big deep sea fishing, the Marlins!  So, it only made sense he buy a fishing boat ... DUH!  And the second piece to that was getting away and living on the islands for an extended period of time. He had always talked about it, but was never able to get away for that long. So the time finally came this winter and he was able to successfully coax my mother into heading down to the islands for several months.  

HOWEVER, that being said, I need to mention: 

  • I have THE BEST parents in the world.  
  • My mom is my best friend.  
  • My dad is my rock.  
  • I'm pregnant. 
  • I'm hormonal.  
  • Hubs gets the brunt of all my whining when my parents are out of town.
  • I am close to my parents.  

So, them being out of the country amidst me 5 months pregnant, with my first child and their first grand baby has certainly NOT been the easiest thing!  So finally, all of my whining and momma's "I Miss You" phone calls landed the BEST surprise trip ever .... A TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS to spend 5 glorious days in the sun with my parents and my hubby ... PERFECTION! 

I let dad in on the surprise that we were planning to come, because one of them had to know in order to coordinate details of where we'd meet etc.  But mom was completely in the dark.  Her reaction: PRICELESS.  Hubs caught the whole thing on video -- for your viewing pleasure :)

We had an absolute blast.  The weather was great and the perfect cure and escape from this nasty Kentucky winter weather.  Here are some highlights from the trip.

Day 1:

Hubs entertained himself in the airport by imagining drinking the world's largest Corona with lime.

Next he channeled his inner Khloe Kardashian and tried his first real Cuban Cortidito (sp?) coffee.

Then we jumped for joy in the warm Bohemian air!  The night ended decently early for moi, I was tired from the flight and not having nearly as much fun as my over served rum runner husband.  He on the other hand made quite the night of it with my pops - they ended up getting home around 3(ish) am because they stayed at an all bohemian karaoke bar ... will they ever learn?!

Day 2:

Hubs worked fancy photogs with the panoramic picture taker thingy on the iPhone 5.  We spent the rest of the day soaking up the rays, enjoying family time and just relaxing. 

Day 3:

Hubs and I cruised around on the "Hells Bay" the little run about boat that's attached to our big boat "Island Time"

 We went and fed the piggies on hog island.  They are wild hogs that live on this small island.  They swim out to your boat and you can feed them. Our provided snack (whatever we could find on the boat) was carrots and man did these little piggies like to eat.

 My dad would yell "Souiey Souiey Piiiiiiiiiig" - he said it was the pig call and that's what they say on the farm ;)

 Next, we played a little island football. 

  Hubs and our mate Lawrence (pictured above) got in the "Hells Bay"and would cruise at super fast speeds.  We stayed on the back of the big boat and would throw to them.  They would catch them - or jump off and catch them.  Improvise :) .... (again I ask you to remember the fact that my family LOVES games and we always create them)

 After Island Football we took THE COOLEST adventure.  Unfortunately it was decent little boat ride away, and we took the Hell's Bay so we didn't bring our phones or a camera.

We snorkeled a grotto called Thunder Ball -- it was where the actual James Bond move Thunder Ball was filmed. SWANKY :) -- then we explored another little island called Compass Key and watched some crazies swim with sharks.  We did not participate!

Lastly, we enjoyed the pretty sunset, while "on the hook" -- ahhhh take me BACK!

Day 4:

We headed back to land for the day.  My baby bro was heading in with some of his college buddies to reek havoc on the islands for his college spring break.  Mom and I spent the day at the pool, soaked up the rays, giggled, gossiped and just enjoyed one anothers company.  I don't think we stopped talking the entire day.

Hubs was forced into playing golf on a Greg Norman designed course, which he swears and from the pictures I'd agree; shared some of the most gorgeous views on a course he's every played on.

Day 5:

We had a beach day and played at a great little place called 'Chat and Chill'.

There was this awesome "how many miles to" totem pole sign thing that was so neat.  It had all the major cities you'd expect to see: London, NYC, LA, etc 

But there was another little city I was NOT expecting to see. And my sheer excitement had me jumping for joy and making hubs take a bazillion pictures to make sure we captured the PERFECT portrait!

Day 6:

Booo hooo. Day 6 we headed home (pardon the swollen faces and sleepy looks, our final picture was taken way too early). 

 We spent some time in Georgetown before heading out and ventured to the straw market.  I'm always so amazed at how talented those women are and the amazing things they can make!

Ahhhh ... life's a beach -- I'm just happy I was able to play on it for a little bit!  And it didn't hurt that we came home to this sweet face.  Aunt Baili babysat while mom and dad were away. Thanks Aunt Baili!


  1. Awww, Penny's reaction is SO cute! Looks like you guys had a great time. That water is SO clear!!


    1. Haha wasn't it so great! She couldn't comprehend I was real. I finally had to ask her -- uhm can I have a hug?! :)


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