Monday, June 27, 2016

Lainey's Baptism

It's hard to imagine that nearly two years and six months ago on November 10, 2013 our entire family gathered and we baptized our little baby boy at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Louisville, KY. It was such a special day and all of our family drove in to help surround us with love and agreed to support and help us bring up Bennett in a Christian/Catholic home. And today I'm here to recap that we had a near repeat of that amazing day and celebrated that once little boy's (who will be a big three year old tomorrow, sad face!!) baby sister and had her baptized!
 Lainey wore an adorable Christening gown with overlay from Amazon, a headband from Amazon as well, adorable baby moxies just like her brother, and she even had a romper to change into after the big Sacrament for her brother's party.

 Her future husband even made a special trip to be there with her on her big day. A little foreshadowing in the white dress? Maybe....hehehe
Lainey's baptism ceremony was held on Sunday June 26th, 2016 at Christ the King Catholic Church in Nashville, TN. We were honored at the ceremony, and nearly missed our cue to walk to the front of church because we weren't listening. Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here. Sheesh! And then after mass, we headed to the Baptismal font and all of our family gathered to watch.

Once again, we were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from our families. Every single one of them driving at least 2+ hours and many even more than that to come and support our newest little. People are awesome, and our people are awesome-er!

 It's next to impossible to get that many people and that many littles to look at once, so here are our best efforts!

 And our little family. Heart bursts.
Lainey's Godparents are the same as Bennett's, Chris and Laura. We can't think of better folks to be in our littles lives and show them guidance in the Catholic faith better than this family. And we're so blessed and honored they would agree to take on that role with not just one, but two of our babies! We love y'all!
It was a perfect day. And we are so blessed in so many ways for the outpouring of love from our family and Lainey's biggest fan club. We love you. God is good. All. The. Time!
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