Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The City, The Parade and The Bow-Tie - Part 2

Alright, round two - here we go. It was actually Day 2 of the trip, but I included the packing day in part 1 post, so in regards to where we are - it was Day 3 in my mind. And that means: THANKSGIVING!


I'm sure it comes as no surprise ... Bennett was dressed in theme - the entire day. 

 We headed to a NYC diner to get our bellies full so we could stand the cold and enjoy the parade!

 Then we set out to find the best spot - ignore the tears, they're happening because we wouldn't let him throw his gloves down a manhole and instead made him pose for a picture behind the NYPD road blocks - we're such lame parents :)

 It's begun! HIIIII MR. TURKEY!
 The first float - THOMAS!
 He was so excited. He was truthfully squealing.

 Getting a "good" family picture is no easy feat.
 But this picture. Well, this picture will forever be ingrained in my memory and also forever framed in our home. Their genuine happiness. It's all I need for everything to be right in the world. So thankful for these boys.

 Here come the elves! Almost time for SANTA!


Mom was so excited Santa "kissed" her.
 After the parade we got cleaned up and headed to the Marriott Marquee for turkey dinner - its the only restaurant in NYC with a revolving eating space. And Bennett wore a bow-tie because bow-ties and babies combined are awesome.

 "WIGHT" "BAW" --- Yes Bennett there are lights and balls on the tree :)

After the big meal we hooked up with a precious newbie: Harrison and his Momma, Noelle. We have been friends since 6th grade and it was so awesome to meet her new bundle.

 Bennett was so curious about the "Bay" (baby)
 We headed home in a pedi-cab.  So fitting because we loved them so much in Charleston. We were feeling as fuzzy as the picture.
 And that wraps up Day 3. Stay tuned for the rest of the week!
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