Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Maggie!

A couple Friday's ago Hubs was headed back to Louisville for a sales meeting and we were chatting while he was driving back. The dog had been a bit of a pill the night before and woken us up and we were discussing how much things have changed since she was just a small pup and it was only the three of us. As we were talking I realized, it was Maggie's birthday (1.8.2016)! Wow, things really have changed. 

There once was a time when we, like the rest of half my Instagram feed celebrated our dog and thought every single thing she did was hysterical. But, now that we have kids they have taken the forefront and poor Maggie seems to be left behind. Don't get me wrong, we still love our fat little wiener dog. But sometimes she gets the short end of the stick because our tiny little humans tend to be a bit more demanding. 

That being said, she still turned five and dang-it we needed to celebrate that!  So two weeks later we remedied the situation and took our little pup to a local pet boutique, Wags and Whiskers, and picked her out a perfect birthday treat and new jewelry!

 Then we brought her home ... made some party hats (per Bennett's request - Thanks Mickey Mouse)

 And gifted her the goods!
 Even on her birthday Bennett still finds a way to steal the show :) he wanted to hold her birthday treat while she ate it. And was very finicky about how everything went down. SO demanding!

Hard to believe our little Maggie Moo has been with us five whole years. We love our fat little puppy! Happy birthday Mag-pie.
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