Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kenzig Christmas

We celebrated Christmas Eve at PaPaw + GoGo's house with my immediate family this year. After Christmas with these crazies across the world in Australia last year, it felt good to be back home.

We kicked it off with Bennett and GoGo preparing us a delicious meal (PaPaw grilled the steaks) + made some yummy cookies.
And by Bennett cooking dinner I really mean this...
 After dinner it was time to snuggle up and read "The Night  Before Christmas" our tradition we've had ever since my brothers and I were little. It's so fun to share these traditions with our own kiddos.
 Our favorite narrator.

 Complete with a fire!
 And family.

 Then we headed to find what Santa left in our stockings! Which according to Max is "arguably the greatest part of Christmas!"
 Next we put on our Santa hats and and got down to it!
 Ho Ho Ho!

 Baby bro came through! NYU gear I will proudly wear to support our aspiring film maker!
 And a little sibling throwback - NKTB Christmas CD's!
Bennett, the Toolman Taylor.

 Sweet camera bag. I call dibs when you're through with it.
 It's just what she always wanted :)
 A sweatshirt that says"I like big beards and I cannot lie"!! (dangit, got the wrong frame in focus)
 And a merry merry Christmas in the books! Complete with Festivus shirts ...
 and Bengal dresses.
Sounds pretty perfect to me! Merry Christmas 2015!
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  1. What a wonderful Christmas! I can't get over the cuteness of those gingerbread aprons!


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