Monday, January 4, 2016

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year {Rewind}

2015 has officially come to a close we're ready to embrace a brand new year. I spent a good portion of yesterday recapping all of the blessings the holidays brought us. I know many of you rarely read on the weekends so, in case you missed those posts you can catch up on our 2015 Christmas Celebrating here:
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And before we jump into a fresh start of 2016 posts - I want to finally recap our first Christmas as a family of four + share our New Year fun! Because we spent actual Christmas back in Kentucky - we decided to celebrate Christmas with our little fam in combination with the New Year. New Year's Eve doubled as Christmas Eve and New Years Day doubled as Christmas Day. It's probably the last year we'll ever get away with it, because next year B will be much more in tune with "actual Christmas" day ... but it worked this year so we rolled with it.

We baked cookies for Santa (and ourselves) + then left them for Santa and carrots for his reindeer...
Bennett picked out just how many he thought was enough and perfectly placed them on the plate.  Lainey was clearly really into it too :)
 And then he carefully walked them to the fireplace.

 Only to feed half of them to the dog once he got there :) hahaha.
 And proudly posed with his little sister on their first Christmas Even together!
 And Christmas morning was mostly videoed, but we managed to sneak in a few pics of Bennett's cute fox hat + his Blaze and the Monster Machines racetrack.
 And a little bit of mayhem of course.

 And here was our sweet present Bennett made us at school.
 And we spent a good portion of Christmas day at the park, testing out little man's new scooter!
Quick costume change ... and we're onto NYE ... we actually celebrated this prior to Christmas Eve (are you confused yet?!) but for photo purposes and the story line I'm sharing this second.
 Kisses for the baby!

 Hugs for me :)
 My girl!
 This kid...
And the whole gang!
Bring it 2016 ... we're ready for ya!
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