Friday, August 9, 2013

Confession: Patience Needed

According to Wikipedia virtue is a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being.  And patience (some say IS a virtue) is the level of endurance one can take before negativity.

Mmmmmmhhhhmmm ... level of endurance BEFORE negativity.  
My mom told me my "patience tolerance" would increase when I had a child.  I will say this ... she's right about one thing. My tolerance has increased when it comes to my child, and my patience level with him is insanely high. HOWEVER - she is VERY wrong about another. Big confession: My patience level when it comes to anything else, I'm afraid has decreased. YIKES.

I'm trying to be as active and resume to normalcy as quickly as possible.  But, if I'm committed to a day out with little man, we only have so much time before he needs to eat, be changed, chill, etc. So, I'm out with a purpose and I must keep my eyes on the prize.  Alas, now more than ever I realize not everyone is out with this same intent, and dealing with this is not a strong suit of mine.

When I get home and settle down I relive the scenarios in my mind and I confess they probably go a little something like this:

Cashier Confession:
To the cashier who wants to tell me their entire life story while my child is starting to stir. I frantically look back and forth at them and Bennett while nodding my head in order to not be rude and listen to their story. Finally stirring turns into open baby eyes and a quivering lip ... Okay, enough ma'am ...

Aloof Teenager Confession:
To the teenager on her cell phone who cuts me off and/or bumps my stroller and causes my peacefully sleeping baby to stir ...

Loud Noise Confession:
When Bennett has been fighting sleep for the last hour before hubs gets home (gahhh that hour lasts 3 days I swear) .... and then Hubs finally gets home RIGHT as he's finally calmed down and Maggie gets all pumped and we start all over again ;)

Stranger Confession:
When a stranger comes up in the store and reaches out to touch my baby with their grimy hands ... UHM no.

Slow People Confession:
When I have 5-10 minutes to run through a drive thru or grab something at the store and I get behind the slowest turtle on the planet and it takes wayyy to long and Bennett notices the car is no longer moving ...

All is Right in the World Confession:
And OCCASIONALLY, when everything finally comes together, I look and the baby is sleeping, dog has been fed and is chilling in the sun, I've folded the last load of laundry, the dishwasher is unloaded and bottles are clean, I was actually able to shower and finish getting ready, and I'm able to sit down and have a small bite to eat. YEAAAA bring it on!

Okay, time to take a deep breath. Patience, Katie. Patience.

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