Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Preschool Playdate - Pumpkin Patch

Bennett's preschool sets up a playdate - outside of normal school days - once a month. It's a great time to meet the other moms, hang out with his teachers + start to learn the personalities of the other littles he is spending his days with when he is not at home. 
This month in the spirit of Fall and all things October, the playdate was scheduled at the Pumpkin Patch!  We headed out to Gentry's Farm in Franklin, TN and it was the perfect day!  

To start, all of the kids loaded up on the tractor and we took a ride around the farm. They took us directly into the cow pasture + a baby calf had just been born the night before so all of the kiddos got to see a brand new babe. We got super close to the cows and it was so fun to watch their faces in amazement!
Next we headed to the hay barn and kids maze area where Bennett had a blast going down all of the bumpy slides and making his way through the tunnels!

And then we headed onto the chickens and turkeys. They were hysterical and were really interacting with the kids. One turkey in particular was VERYYY vocal and Bennett thought it was so funny. "Gobble Gobble Mommy" I've been hearing for days now with a cute snicker at the end.

After we watched all of the animals + played in the corn and wheat troughs we headed to explore the activity barn and Mrs. Anita (the MDO director) pushed B on the tire swing.

Then we lingered for a while longer in the kitchen hut before we headed to the picnic tables to devour our lunches and eat our weight in pumpkin bread!

And last but not least we picked our pumpkin and posed for a picture. And Bennett loving called this truck, Mater. (From the Disney Pixar Movie, Cars, one of his favorites),

And yes, of every pumpkin at the ENTIRE patch ... Bennett picked that tiny little pumpkin to bring home and lovingly placed it on the front porch for all of the drive by cars to see!
And before we sign off, we need to send a very very special birthday message to our favorite leading ladies + October baby, GoGo!!! Happy Happy Birthday GoGo!!  We LOOOOOVE YOU more than dump trucks!
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Break Friday

Our little man was on Fall Break last week and we wanted to give him a special day making it all about him. Happy Fall Break B Bear!

Friday hubby left work a bit early and we took our little guy to see his first movie EVER!  We weren't too sure how it would go - so we chose to head to the discount theaters and see a movie that's been out for quite some time, Minions, coupled with the fact it was early evening and we figured we'd have a better chance at making less people bad. It was a complete SUCCESS!

Bennett was so "sec-cited" to get to go to da moooovies!
He was in awe of all the lights inside the theater.
And so proud to give the guy at the entrance his tickets to see "The Mentions" (that's what he called the Minions).
Auditorium 11 at Regal Cinemas - your first movie BUB!
We chose a popcorn and large coke to share and B thought the springy chairs were super cool.
And the popcorn was the perfect pre-dinner snack. We all know mama is a big fan of movie popcorn (we spent our anniversary doing nothing but eating it - haha).
And naturally, since this was our first time. We took full advantage of the seats set up for photo-ops. Such a heartbreaker, he even held mama's hand.
Just two cool dudes.
And we wrapped the night with the most awesome Friday night special at Cheekwood (we first checked it out on my Birthday weekend).  They're open every Friday night in October and have the grounds all lit up. We brought a blanket and some snacks and had the most fabulous Fall Break Friday!
We had so much fun playing with you Bennett! Can't wait to see what we'll come up with next year!
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mickey and Medals

I think I still owe everyone a complete Tee-Ball recap ... but I've got news. It's probably not going to happen. I attempted to take my camera and follow along with one of B's practices twice and low and behold both times we made it all the way to the field - I got my camera out and ready to go and WOMP WOMP ... mama left her memory card at home from when she was eiditing a session from the night before. FAIL. Epic Failure mommy. 

We took tons of cellphone footage however, and we got lots of videos - so don't you worry little man. It will be a part of your history. I just don't have enough content for this here bloggy. However, October 10th 2015 Bennett officially graduated his Lil' Sluggers program and started his sports medal collection  (we have it all on video + it's silly cute). 
He was so proud when Coach Matt called his name and awarded him his medal. He even bowed his head and leaned into it. Cue heart melting. Here he is showing it off. And do not be confused. Moments after he received it, we were asking him about his medal and he informed us it actually is not a medal. It is indeed, a POWER BADGE! 

Thanks Coach Matt, we had a great season!
 At the end of every practice, they all gathered in their huddle and yell "GOOO BASEBALL!"
After a fun filled baseball day, we had one more surprise in store for our little man. Can anyone tell we're feeling slightly guilty he's about to no longer be an only child?! Haha. Cramming in all of the three amigo's family time we can before baby moon arrives!

Bennett woke up from his nap on Sunday and came downstairs to a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal holding tickets to Disney on Ice at Nissan Stadium that evening. 
We had a few tears post ticket delivery because mommy and daddy picked out the wrong shoes. But we quickly got over it. Thank goodness :)

"We're so excited" selfies in front of the stadium!
Boy was in AWE!  And soo curious about where Mickey and Donald were before the show started.
And once it started ... I don't think he took his eyes off the stage (expect for the Princess part ... he wasn't really digging that ... or to get more popcorn or cotton candy ... obviously).
And daddy was required to where the prince Mickey crown for the duration of the show. #DadProblems
And we ended the weekend explaining that Mickey and Donald had to go back to the Magic Kingdom (and they are still there everyday) ... and the only way to deal with the fact that we weren't going to see them again for a while was to face plant into a large tub of bubbles. Toddler life is rough my friends.
So excited for the day we actually get to take him to Disney World! Disney and all things they do really are magical. That must be why they call it the Magic Kingdom ...
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cousin Love + Senior Shots

A couple of weeks ago we had the most special visitors come to Nashville and my oh my, was our littlest excited. We made the mistake of announcing their visit a few days prior to when they were actually coming and WHEW, if I had to answer one more time that Brody and Emmie would be here on Saturday I might have actually lost my mind. 

Brody and Emmie are Shane's brothers kiddos + Bennett's big cousins and therefore the coolest people in the world, obviously!  It was a whirlwind weekend - and unfortunately we're seriously lacking on pictures because we were running so quickly from thing to thing + mixing in a senior photo shoot - but we certainly were not lacking on fun!

The entire gang arrived Saturday afternoon and were here just in time to get little man up from his nap. What a GREAT way to wake up!!  They spent the next hour or so exploring the house and wreaking havoc on all of Bennett's toys + were sure to check out the play set. And then they enjoyed a snack together. 
While the kiddos were catching up Tatum, Jessica and I were plotting wardrobes for Ms. Tatum's senior photos we were shooting later that evening. The boys took the kids and were uncles in charge for a few hours Saturday! They took them down to Broadway to let the kids see the Nashville sights + hit up Savannah's Candy Store, stopped in the famous Ryman Theater and more. After candy they took the three musketeers to the park to work off some energy and then met us for Pizza at Mafioza's to round out the night!
After pizza we came home to have the worlds largest slumber party. Everybody all tackle Uncle Ted!!!!
And our little princess, Miss Emmie Claire, picked out the perfect bedtime story to read to "Baby Bennett". Be still my heart.

Brody actually slept in Bennett's bed that night, so we had it all set up to make it as "big boy" as possible. Bennett thought it was fascinating that his bed had a pillow for a little while :) (he doesn't sleep with one just yet).
And the next morning we stayed in our PJs, ate breakfast, visited and finished up with bike races in the back yard before they hit the road to head back to KY.
Don't worry, we're not finished quite yet - I'm not going to share all about the weekend without bragging on my other beautiful niece, Tatum.  It's a must to share some of her gorgeousness. I love photography and photo shoots, but holy cow. When you've got a subject as pretty as this girl - it takes it to the next level!  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Shameless plug: if you're ever in the Nashville or surrounding areas and are looking for a photographer - give me a shout. You can check out my website|pricing\etc. at Katie Marie Photographie

I mean, seriously girl. You rocked it. 

We had such a great weekend and made so many great memories. We can't wait to have our cousins back down to visit and play!  We love you!
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